The type of furniture that you use for your restaurant is very important. Aside from reflecting the concept that you have in mind, it can also help people decide whether they should go inside and dine or not.

The first thing that you need to do is to identify your target market. If you want the restaurant to be more accessible to common people, the type of furniture used must also be more relaxed and homey. If your brand is fine dining, the furniture must be of high quality. It must look sophisticated from the outside so those who are interested in this type of dining experience will feel excited going inside.

The restaurant tabletops you choose should be perfect. They are quite pricey. You expect them to last for a long time. Therefore, you have to choose the perfect tables that will look good in your restaurant. Here are the choices when it comes to shapes and materials.


The most common type of shape for tabletops is round. This allows more intimate conversations. It is perfect for small groups and couples. It is also good for larger groups provided that the tables are also bigger. Square tables are also common for small and large groups. The good thing about square table tops is that they can be placed next to each other. If the largest table is occupied and there is a huge group coming in, and they want to sit together, square tables can be easily put together.

Rectangular tables are great for larger groups. Families that want to celebrate a milestone can make the most out of this type of table. It also works well for corporate dinners especially if there are a lot of people involved.


Wood is very common when it comes to tabletops. They look great and sophisticated. They also last for a long time. Wood comes in different shades. Also, just because wood seems to be an expensive material does not mean you have to score wood off from your list. There are different types of wood and you can certainly afford some types.

Metal is also a common option. It is light and easy to move around. It might be cheaper, but it can last a long time. Just make sure it is not exposed to changing temperature all the time or else it will be impacted negatively.

Plastic is another popular choice. You can use it if you are not into fine dining. It has a very simple and inviting vibe. People from all walks of life love it. Just make sure you choose the right kind of plastic and not plastic which is too brittle and not really that durable.

These are important considerations before you make your final decision about your tabletops.