In today’s competitive world of business, every penny matters. This is all the more reason for small businesses, where they do not deal in large business transactions. Many small businesses are family run and there is a lot of hard work and dedication to make ends meet in a business. More often than not, these small business owners dip into their own personal accounts in order to ensure that their business runs smoothly and that their employees have salaries to take home at the end of the day. Money is all the more important when you are not making much of it and when there are a million things to do with the little money that you do earn. Have you looked at all the options within your business to make money? The answer would most probably be a yes. You would know more than anyone else if there is more opportunity within your business to gain more money. Well, go through the below points and think again. You would see that you have not exactly exhausted all the avenues of earning money in your business.


Taxes are considered to be a menace and a headache to every small business owner. They are considered as a means of ripping off what little that you earn from your business. Have you ever heard of tax depreciation Sydney ? Most small business owners would not know about this. Tax depreciation can be claimed on any operable property that you are using to conduct your business such as your building and all its equipment. This is not exactly a point to earn money but rather a point where you can save the amount of money going out of your company. You will need the help of a certified quantity surveying company go do a tax depreciation schedule for your company and its assets. Once done, you may get a tax deduction on the depreciation of your assets.

Money Making Opportunities That Go Unnoticed by Small Businesses

Office Costs

Many small businesses have fully functioning offices with a number of employees doing administration functions. Have you ever worked the cost of this onto your rate card? Most of you would not have. The fact is, however, that you are spending on these employees and on the office itself. Why not incorporate it into your charges as well, as a pass through cost? It is only fair that you do so. Many of the small business owners completely disregard this and run at a loss. Make sure that you turn every department in your company into a profit centre. After all, they are all working towards one common goal of satisfying your customer.

Extra Staff

Now would be a good time to take a good look at all your staff and what value they bring into your company. Many small business owners have a very personal relationship with their staff, which can result in clouding their judgement on them. You need to see whether every staff member that you have with you are contributing towards achieving your company goals. Some of them may not be. We are not telling you that you should be firing your long standing staff. This will only create more problems for you in the long run. There may be many staff members in your organization that have no job role other than to sit at their desks all day and surf the internet. You may not be in a position to get rid of them. What you can do instead would be to change their responsibilities to ensure that you provide an efficient and high quality product or service to your customers. This way, you can win over more customers and your existing customers will not mind paying you a little extra for the better service and quality that you offer.

Money Making Opportunities That Go Unnoticed by Small Businesses

Parallel Businesses

One of the biggest mistakes that small time business owners make is to not think out of the box. Many of them are insecure to step out of their core line of business no matter how tight things maybe for them. We are here to tell you that, in order to reap more benefits financially, you should take more risks, such as branching out into parallel businesses. For example, if you are doing a business of baking and selling cakes, you may want to branch out into catering as a whole. Likewise, think of similar business solutions where you would be able to make more money.