If you aren’t new to the internet world or aren’t living under the rock, then you might have noticed that bite-sized videos are trending everywhere. People all over social media have a certain likeness towards these types of videos. And this shift is for two main reasons. Firstly it demands less attention span. Secondly, it engages and keeps viewers hooked.

And with such popularity of bite-sized videos, Instagram launched its new features where users can post these types of videos, which are called Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels can pull users’ great attention and can draw traction.

You can bring the same vibe and enjoy great engagement on your website by opting to embed Instagram reels on the website. Instagram reels have the potential to bring liveliness to your website and make it more pleasing to the eye of visitors.

There are numerous ways to embed Instagram reels on a website; some require time, and some demand good coding skills. But for your convenience, we have filtered the two simplest, coding-free and time-saving processes. These methods are so easy to adopt that even if you belong to a nontechnical background, you can still manage to add Instagram reels to your website with ease.

Most Manageable ways to Embed Instagram reels on website

As mentioned above, there are ample ways to add Instagram reels. And considering the current popularity of Instagram reel content, many brands are now opting to embed Instagram reels on website. Brands use them to showcase the content of their respective Instagram pages or even display content posted by their customers. And here are simple ways to add Instagram reels to your website.

1. Using Social Media Aggregators

Social Media aggregator is a phenomenal marketing tool that helps users collect social media feeds, enabling them to embed them on a website. You can find these tools easily on the internet and use them to embed Instagram reels on website.

To add Instagram reels on your website, you must choose any social media aggregator tool. Then, collect Instagram reels feed using the tool, and simply paste the provided embedding code on the backend of your website. And this is it; few simple steps and your website will be showcasing Instagram reels on your website

Alongside easing the whole embedding process, the tool also provides you with ample features that add great significance to this strategy. Like it allows you to personalize your widget as per your need. You can change the font size, font style, and more to make it more pleasing to the eye. Or even change the widget’s layout to make it look more professional and organized.

Moreover, it also allows you to moderate the content. That means, from the collected feed, you can remove the content that you think is unwanted or unnecessary. You can either remove them manually or opt for auto-moderation. Auto-moderation automatically extracts the content with the provided keywords and instructions.

Also, there is no need to refresh the feed to get new content; these tools automatically provide the latest content and keep your website up to date. And as the widget is responsive, there is no need to change the display setting of the widget. The widget adjusts itself as per screen resolutions without hampering the website alignment. The widget smoothly streams the reels without affecting website speed and quality.


2. Using Instagram embedding code

Instagram provides an embedding code for each post that you can use to embed your Instagram feed on the website. Adopting this method to add Instagram reel on website is very easy, and you can do it comfortably.

To embed an Instagram reel on the website using Instagram embedding code is very simple, all you need to do is – select the reel that you want to embed, copy the embed code of that post and simply paste it onto the backend of your website. And you are done.

Although this process is simple, but it has a few limitations. Like, you cannot customize the widget and can’t make changes to the font size, font style, and other modifications. Another major limitation is that you have to go through the process every time you want to add a new reel to your website. 

You can consider this method if you are picky about the content you want to display. And don’t to use any tool for your website.

Over To You…

These are simple and manageable ways to embed Instagram reels on a website. You can pick the one that best suits your style and need and exhibit Instagram reels on website. It will also provide a sneak into your Instagram presence to your visitors. And if they like, they can even follow you there, helping you build a strong Instagram follower base. So what are you waiting for? Try these methods now and choose the one that is most suitable for you.