Have you checked out some of the videos on social media nowadays and wondered how come they look so much better than the ones that you record? Generally there is a pretty big difference between amateur and professional productions – and it is largely due to the software and editing that goes into it.

The Movavi Video Suite (www.movavi.com/suite/index.html) should help you to bridge that divide however, and create professional-looking and polished videos of your own. In fact, nowadays it is an extremely popular video production software – and for good reason.

Easy Way to Create Great-Looking Videos

In contrast to what you may expect, the Movavi Video Suite doesn’t require any prior experience or technical knowledge. Even if this is your first time, you will be able to get started almost immediately and quickly create a great-looking video.

Because the Movavi Video Suite emphasizes a user-friendly and intuitive approach, learning how to use it doesn’t take long at all. Most people tend to be able to find their way and figure things out in just a matter of minutes – and once you do you’ll be able to put its features to good use through familiar actions such as ‘dragging and dropping’ things in place, or ‘resizing windows’, or even simply adjusting sliders.

Frankly speaking, for some types of improvements you may even be able to rely on the automated features to get it done with a single click.

Extensive and Powerful Capabilities

While being easy to use, the part about the Movavi Video Suite that really makes is so attractive is the simple fact that its features are extensive and powerful. It will basically give you everything you need to create videos that really do stand out and allow you to:

  • Capture video directly from your screen or via a webcam, or use existing videos recorded using a smartphone, digital camera, or some other device.
  • Enhance the quality of your videos manually or automatically and correct any common problems with recordings such as shaky, blurry, or pixelated video segments.
  • Apply stylish animated transitions, video effects and filters to alter the visual appearance of your video.
  • Include audio tracks as background music or voiceovers and edit the audio levels within the software itself.
  • Insert customizable text to create unique and animate-able captions, watermarks, subtitles or titles.
  • Automatically optimize the video with the help of hundreds of presets when saving it.

Having all these features at your disposal will make it a piece of cake to create a professional-looking video. Honestly speaking there’s very little the Movavi Video Suite isn’t capable of – and with a bit of creativity you’ll be able to really come up with amazing videos soon enough.