Interior design has changed a lot in last several years. In a way, some of the modern furniture resembles the items which were popular in 60s and 70s; another testament that the popular trends constantly resurge.

There are several different approaches to the modern design. Some themes are clean, futuristic while some are throwback into the past. No matter what you choose, there are certain items you cannot go without.

Here is a list of must-have furniture that will do wonders for your modern home.

1. Pedestal table

No matter what type of modern design you chose, you can’t go wrong with pedestal tables. They are modern, easily adapting to clean, sci-fi design and they can also fit within a 60s home. But, this is not the biggest advantage of pedestal tables. First and foremost, they are really functional. Unlike traditional tables that have several legs, pedestal table has one, central leg. The big advantage of such a design is the fact that you have much more space for legs. In other words, you won’t have to hit other people under the table due to restricted space. Instead, the open design gives you much more breathing room.

2. Transparent TV

This line of products is simply amazing. Of course, transparent TVs are really fashionable and nice looking but there is much more to them. Due to their transparency, you can easily see the wall behind them. In fact, TV will not interfere with your view whatsoever. This is a big improvement as TVs are hard to incorporate into any design. I mean, have you ever seen a TV that will match with pink or blue walls or some intricate design? TVs can also be hard to fit because of your furniture. Basically, you will have to get sofas and chairs that are in the same color as TV to make it work. So, you should go with a transparent TV as it fits any type of interior design.

3. Professional makeup mirror with lights

Mirrors allow us a lot of creativity. One of the reasons is that there are so many mirrors on the market you are bound to find something that will complement your interior. If you wish to get something really special, you should go with professional mirror or Hollywood mirror. These mirrors are becoming increasingly trendy in past couple of years. The reason? They are simply much better than the standard ones. If you have a job that requires wearing makeup (most of women do), you know how hard it can be putting makeup early in the morning. It is really hard to cover everything which is usually due to bad lighting. With Hollywood mirror this problem is solved.

4. Multiuse furniture

Buyers’ mentality has changed a lot in last couple of years. We, as a global society, are concerned with consequences of our action. In other words, people are increasingly trying to be eco-friendly and to implement solutions that will save resources. One of the best examples comes from furniture industry. Basically, nowadays many companies are making furniture that can fulfil several functions. You can see sofas that can be turned into a table. You can see compactable kitchens etc. If you are trying to make a modern home, with all the modern furniture, it will be really hard to avoid one of such pieces.

Today more than ever, furniture companies are placing emphasis on functionality. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. As our society becomes more environmentally conscious, we will likely turn to socially acceptable solutions instead of luxury.

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