The unwanted hair on your arms and legs are unappealing and has to be repeatedly removed. Some women are perfectly fine with making visits once every fortnight, to the parlour for waxing sessions while other may use hair removing creams at home. There is still some number of women out there who are looking for a permanent solution to the unwanted hair problem and for them laser hair removal is a good option.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

It is actually a medical procedure, which uses laser to remove hair. The area of the skin on which the treatment is to be done is held taut and laser is passed over it. You might feel a slight sensation of pinpricks on the skin as the hair starts vaporizing from the heat of laser.

As the hair starts vaporizing, you can see some smoke and smell sulphur. Before starting the treatment, the experts test a small part of the skin in order to know whether your skin can withstand the heat or not. They might also use a numbing gel for some time to dull the pain and sensation.

Permanent hair removal treatment in London by laser is very common and many centres have specially designed rooms for conducting this treatment. Everyone in the room has to wear protective gears. The time of the treatment will depend on the area that is being treated.

An upper-lip may take only 10 minutes while legs may take more than an hour. The 1st treatment will lead to 10-25% reduction in hair and you would need 2-5 sittings for 100% removal. The skin will remain hair free for several months or years and when the hair finally starts appearing it will be scanter and thinner than the original.

Some Points to Note before Deciding For Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is not only expensive but will also have long-lasting side effects like burns and blisters if not done by an experienced person. It is therefore very important to find the right person for the treatment. In addition to that, please keep the following points in mind:

  • You will get better results on dark, course hair than the light and thin ones.
  • It is best to get it done during the colder months as summers are not ideal for the laser treatment.
  • Protect the treated skin from direct sunlight for some time.
  • Tanning beds, sun beds, sun lamps are to be avoided.
  • Avoid using any kind of lotion or product on the skin for 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Make sure to read and follow the after treatment instructions carefully.
  • Mild redness and swelling is common after the treatment. Apply cold packs for relief.
  • Always consult a dermatologist before going for a repeat treatment after the reappearance of hair.

Do note that the effectiveness of the treatment differs from individual to individual. Your skin type and hair type are the factors that decide the number of sittings needed, and how long the effect will last.