Nainital is a small hamlet set on the Kumaoni regions of Uttarakhand. It is a beautiful city with colorful markets, a pristine lake, old temples, and monumental places. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and is visited by thousands of tourists. Visit the interesting city during vacation and pick your choice from the best 4 star hotels in Nainital.

Nainital, the ancient city of the Kumaoni community, has always been accounted for the religious beliefs and myths. It is a small but populous city where live the people who are simple and have ardent belief on gods. It is a city of temples, sacred places and ponds. Mata Sati/Shakti is the most worshipped deity here, and it is believed that one of the 64 Shaktipeeths in India is situated in the city. The Nanda Devi temple is the most revered temple and houses the idol of the goddess. It is believed that it is at the Naini Lake where fell the charred eyes of mata Sati when Lord Shiva carried her lifeless body and grieved at her death. Since the lake’s shape resembled to an eye and also that it is the place where fell the goddess’ eye, so it was called Nainital as the word literally translates to the “lake of an eye”. However, some spiritualists do not share the same conception and they have their own theory. According to them, the water in the Naini Lake was brought by three sages from the holy lake of Mansarovar in Tibet. It is believed that they dug up the ground and then filled the ground with the holy water.

Set in the midst of the hills, the city is a beautiful hamlet. The top of the hills offer the best views of the region and provide the opportunities for photography. From the top, the Naini Lake appears to have the shape of a pear with several colorful houses and buildings surrounding its shores. During the British Raj the city was used as a popular summer resort. It was them who basically brought the city into prominence. They came in 1841 and colonized the region. Prior to them, the regions were ruled by the Kumaoni people. The Britishers built churches, colonies, and schools. The schools and colleges built by them are still operational and are amongst the oldest and most-reputed educational institutions in the country. When in the city, a visit to these old structures is worth. The good thing is that there are a number of good 4 star hotels in Nainital in vicinity that also offer tour services of these old structures.

The city is divided into two halves namely, Tallital- the southern side of the lake and Mallital- the upper northern reaches where exist most of the tourist attractions and scenic spots. The city is popular as an ecotourism destination where tourist flock in counts of thousands to explore and experience the nature in its unspoilt form. The city is sufficiently filled with tourist attractions, of which the most significant ones include: Naina Devi temple, China Peak, Snow View Point, Mall Road, Nainital Zoo, Dorothy’s Seat, Nainital Zoo, and Naina Lake. All the major tourist attractions are also the chief landmarks of the city and are easy to access. The local modes of transportation are available to reach any part of the city. Head to the city for a fun vacation and pick from the hotels in Nainital with rates that best suits your budget.