Beautiful roses are the big dream of every gardener. If you want to implement your dream into life, you should follow the simple rules about planting, growing, watering. So, let’s go!

Choosing Place for Rose Garden

Roses like sun and good airing. The wet leaves need a good airing to dry. If the leaves are always wet, there is a danger to get the fungal disease. If the weather is hot, the plants are in stress. They are bare for the plant pests. The soil must be friable and fertile. The roots of the rose are long to be spread deep into the ground, the fertile layer must be not less than 80 centimeters, рН 6,5-7,0.

Beautiful Flowers are Healthy Flowers

It often happens that the leaves are spotted, especially in the blooming period. The reason of it is the fungal infection that is spread over the air, especially on a rainy weather. The first aid is in cutting all infected leaves and hands to burn them all later.


Watering Rules

The roots of the roses go deep in the ground, so, they can take water from the lower soils. Nevertheless, when the weather is hot, the plants need watering. You should water plants heavily to make the ground wet. It is better to water the roses early in the morning or in the late evening but avoid water to get to the plant leaves.

Certified Sorts are the Quality Guarantee

If you want to have healthy and strong flowers in your garden, you should buy only certified sorts. To get a certificate, the plants must be examined on the subject of strength, cold resistance, flowering. Thus, in Germany, the roses must be carefully examined on 11 positions during three years to get the certificate. The strongest and the most popular plants are Barkarole, Duftzauber 84, Christoph Columbus and Cherry Brandy.

Pest Control

The easiest method to protect your flowers from pests is cutting out all infected parts.

Fragrant Aroma

The perfect place for the rose garden is a quiet corner of your garden. If you want to feel all flower aromas, let it be damp and wind proof. The best time to enjoy the charming odor is evening or morning hours. You can always come and dive into the world of aromas. You shouldn’t mix different flowers all together. For example, if you love fresh fruit aromas, try to avoid flowers with deep and heavy smell. Every classification group has its fragrant aromas. Thus, they are Muensteriand, Jude the Obscure, Postilion, Claudia Cardinale, Duftwolke, Candlelight, Mainauduft, Parole and Valencia. One more thing, if your fragrant rose has more than delicate aroma, try to pant it somewhere else to change the situation and make it smell better.

More Space for Roses

Of course, you should know that the roses need much space around. If it is rose garden, the situation is absolutely comfort. If you are going to plant the roses in the mixed garden, it doesn’t look adorable to have much space around the rosier. The garden looks weird. Nevertheless, you should remember that the rose bush really needs space. Thus, the destination between the rose and such popular garden plants as lily, peony or delphinium must be about half of meter. It is much better to plant roses close to lavender. It looks great. The lavender helps rose to fight against pests.

Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC

TOP the Best Rose Gardens of the World

If you take care of your rose garden and keep it in order, you can have a big joy from your creature. You may have a good example to follow. It is time to meet the best glorious rose gardens in the world. If you have an opportunity, you should visit at least one of them to take some amazing pictures and enjoy the charming aroma. You may find the number of exotic rare species, like the Black Rose.

Mottisfont Rose Gardens, Great Britain

You should hire a car in London and drive it to the Hampshire Abby. There is a big garden, surrounded by the high stony walls. This garden is a perfect place to keep the National collection of the ancients rose sorts. The Mottisfont Rose Garden was founded in 1970. There are more than 500 sorts of roses and other plants. You may feel the concert of aromas every evening. It’s a pity but you cannot take a picture of that adorable odor.


Rosary Coloma Castle, Belgium

The rose garden was founded in 1995. It became the biggest garden in Europe: 3 000 sorts of roses that are planted according to the color. There is a cozy cafe where you can eat some ice-cream.

Roseraie du Val-de-Marne, France

The lovely garden was founded in the 19th century. The collection from 3 000 sorts is divided into 13 sectors. The local roses masterfully go over the garden figures, statues, arcs, towers, making them to look like the flowered giants.

Floral Display - Butchart Gardens, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Elizabeth Park Rose Garden, USA

The oldest rose garden in America was created in Connecticut. The park territory includes all popular old and new rare sorts. The park also has a lovely pond and grove for picnics.

Butchart Gardens, Canada

The Butchart Gardens live from the beginning of the 20th century. They are considered to be the greatest on the Earth. You can walk along the arcs of roses straight to the wishes well. There is also a huge garden sphere, made of steel. You can put a coin into the big bronze fountain that was taken from Florence.

Government Rose Garden, India

India is a motherland of Bengali roses. There is a lovely garden that is situated 2250 meters high in the mountains. The roses feel great and blossom the year round. The garden occupies the territory of 4 hectares. You can see about 20000 sorts of exotic flowers, including black and green roses.


Europa-Rosarium, Germany

The city Sangerhausen is also called the city of roses. The rose garden is more important than the whole city. The garden was founded in 1898 to include more than 8500 sorts of roses.