Many times, people who don’t speak English, may face cultural and linguistic barriers while approaching legal, health or any other community service. The lack of information and awareness results in the inability of the service providers to reach their clients and assist them with their services. With the help of interpreters like The Translation People, the clients understand their rights in various institutions and can make good informed decisions. An interpreter enables the company to deliver an equitable and a quality service to their clients.

Need Of Using An Interpreter In Your Business

What if you don’t use an interpreter?

A recent study has show that the people who don’t have access to the interpreting services in health sector, are likely to suffer from pain and would be dissatisfied with the care. If the patient would not communicate his needs properly, it could result in inappropriate treatment and misdiagnosis. Also, in the legal system, the interpreters play a vital role. If a person doesn’t fully understand the legal proceedings of a place, he would not be able to know about his rights and his authorities.

Risks when one uses untrained interpreters

An untrained interpreter would never be able to deliver the results as efficiently as a fully trained and a professional interpreter would. The untrained interpreter may bring biases and the vital information may not be translated properly. The interpreter may omit some of the information because of embarrassment or to protect any family member from suffering.

This would jeopardize the impartiality and the confidentiality of the session. An interpreter who is not trained well might also be lacking in his knowledge and may not know about the technical terms that have important uses in the health or the legal industry. This would alter the accuracy of the information to be imparted.

Who all need the facility?

There are many centers and service providers that can are in dire need of the interpreting facility. These are:

  • Hotels
  • Convention centers
  • Equipment rentals
  • Translational agencies
  • Individual interpreters
  • Meeting planners or the conference organizers
  • Interpretation agencies

Some points to take care of

These are some of the points that you must take care of while deploying an interpreter for your work. These are:

  • Who is the provider and their method of recruiting interpreters?
  • Do the interpreting company do the work itself, or it would hire another person for the work?
  • You must check the previous records of the interpreter and have a look at their success rate.
  • Have a good knowledge of the interpreter and look at their professional affiliation, CV and the language combination.
  • Make sure to have a clear conversation regarding the price and the fees which are to be paid to avoid any confusion and disappointment in this regard later.


Getting a good translator for your service is an essential task. You must go for an experienced company and the one that has a good reputation in the society in history. You are here expected to make your choice carefully and diligently while keeping in mind all the points for a good interpreter so that you may not regret later.