The modern business world is a volatile and hostile environment where the big fish eats the small one. In this relentless atmosphere, every bit of help is of great value, anything at all that can help you remain afloat. Now, everyone knows that a well-motivated employee works the hardest so why not utilize this knowledge to your own advantage. By designing your office space to boost productivity, you can easily do both your staff and your business an invaluable favor. Here are some tips on how to make this idea come to life.

Office Spaces Designed To Motivate People

Digital Office

Apart from all the physical organization you would have to make here, you must also make some room to manage a digital aspect of your business. The impact of technology on the office of 21st century is great indeed and by turning this knowledge to your own advantage you will already do a lot. In this way, aspects of communication and data transfer are made multiple times more efficient and this is only the tip of an iceberg. One more thing that should never be neglected is a fact that here, software is almost as important as the hardware itself.

Office Spaces Designed To Motivate People


Probably the thing that can affect the morale of your employees the most is the illumination. When it comes to it, natural light is simply second to none. Because of this, windows on your office should be the size of at least 10% of the surface of your floor and sky should be visible at least partially from any spot in the office. It is important that you bear in mind that these are the minimal requirements and when it comes to the daylight influx it is always the more the merrier. Still, seeing how you have a limited amount of sunlight daily, it is always a good idea to find a proper artificial lighting system for your office.

Office Spaces Designed To Motivate People

Proper Design

Next thing you need to do is think about the largest surfaces in your office and the way in which their power of motivation can successfully be harnessed. Start with the walls, it is a well-known fact that different colors affect our psyche in different ways. Now, to each his own which means that every job has a different desired color. Salesman and negotiators would benefit most from aggressive nuances red and orange while those required to focus would work best in a calming yellow environment. As for your floor, you need something universally beautiful and slip proof. With this in mind, probably your safest choice would be to opt for sandstone tiles.

Office Spaces Designed To Motivate People

Office Layout

Finally, not only do you need to manage all the things in your office but your staff as well. First of all, as we already mentioned, via digital means the issue of communication should already be solved. Now, what you have to do are two things. First one is to separate work space from rest zone. Even though everyone needs to blow off some steam every once in a while, people on a break should not be able to disturb those still working. Furthermore, it is always good to find a balance so that every one of your employees has their own private space yet that he or she does not feel excluded.

In the end where there is a will, there is always a way and if you decide to transform your office into your greatest ally, there is nothing that stands in your way. However, this is a lengthy process that requires both patience and knowledge. For this reason, take as much time as you need for the planning stage and make any effort or sacrifice necessary to bring it to life. The end results are always more than worth it.