Unlike other business procedures, the sales process is the one which involves interaction with a potential buyer and needs more time to clarify information for the online store. Order placement is the most responsible stage of online interaction with your customer. Without an easy-to-use order form and convenient checkout process, your eCommerce store may risk losing a plenty of buyers.

One step checkout is a well-known Magento extension which simplifies the checkout process of your Magento store. This extension is designed to reduce your customer’s shopping cart abandonment. During the checkout process, users often get frustrated of seeing endless ‘Continue’ buttons popping up on their screens. This is a frequent cause of cart abandonment and order refusal.

Avoid Losing Customers

Using this One step checkout Magento extension, your can keep your customers from that annoying Continue button and save their time. This extension is fully responsive and very easy to install and customize. It aims to enforce the checkout steps appear together on one page. As a result, a noticeable increase in sales follows.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the most outstanding features of this extension that attract most of its users.

  1. Improved Customer Experience: No one would like to waste their time on the sites which do not allow prompt transactions. The registered users will be able to login on the checkout page and other users may sign up on that same page. The One step checkout extension offers all the following user-friendly trends; your online store will quickly adapt to user’s desire

In order to provide better usability, your site needs to have a seamless checkout process taking the customers from the Add to Cart to Place Order in just a few clicks.The level of customer satisfaction also depends on how reliable your store looks.

Do you want your potential customer and users to trust you more?

If you’re looking to get higher level of credibility, the checkout process of your online store should be more clear and understandable. We all know that there’s a restless feeling when we are waiting for our money to be deducted from our account. When we see all the results on a single page all the doubts will be eliminated.

  1. Simple And Quick Installation: The installation process of this extension is very simple. With minor changes in the default Magento structure, it can be deployed with minimum conflicts during the whole process. The installation process requires minimal time and efforts. This extension is fully compatible with any Magento site and designed to minimize the risks of order placement mistakes.
  1. Multiple Payment Methods Available: Another great feature of this extension is the ease of process. Though you can use default payment options, but for the convenience of your users, a wide variety of payment methods were included. These payment methods are Paypal, Moneybookers, Check, Credit card, and more are now available.
  1. Increased Speed: This one of the most significant advantage of Magento One Step Checkout extension. It favours single page checkout with reduced number of steps while accomplishing the transaction. This is the way to improve the speed of your Magento site. This amazing extension allows shoppers to shorten the checkout process by completing the transaction in just one step without any risk of losing data and without getting lost on number of different pages.
  1. Compatible With All Smart Devices: Today, almost 80% of smartphone users wish to view mobile-optimized product information when they’re shopping on online stores?

As most of the one step checkout extensions are compatible with all types of devices, this extension allows high performance in all the smart devices. The increase in mobile phone traffic to online shops is rising to heights. It doesn’t matter what kind of smart device is used: laptop, tablet, or mobile. Give your loyal and potential customers a great shopping experience with the Magento One Step Checkout Extension.

Hope you found this article helpful!