If you are a rummy player, you will know that now there are options to play the game online or offline. There are pros and cons to both online and offline rummy. Among the two options, which you like most depends completely on your likes and necessities. Here we have explained the difference in the two to help you judge better whether you prefer online rummy or offline rummy:

How Offline Rummy is Better than Online Rummy?

There are many benefits you enjoy only when you play rummy the traditional way. Most often, people gather to play Indian rummy just for the fun offered by these merits. Here we have listed some of the major merits only people who play the card game offline can actually enjoy:

Get to Compete with Friends and Old Pals

There is a special fun when you play rummy with your competitive old pals and beat them in the game. You may keep casual bets and have fun winning over your best friends as you know their tactics and strategies.

Get to Expand Your Circles

Many times, people who play rummy offline and with a deck of cards head to clubs and gatherings to get this experience. The fun of playing in such a setting is you get to meet new people who are equally excited about these card games. This helps to expand your playing circles and eventually some of them may even end up being very good friends.

Get to Play while Travelling Long Distances

When people travelled long distances by trains, their only entertainment was rummy game. All you had to do was carry a deck of cards along with you and call people on your nearby seats to join you for the game. This was a complete fun experience and you never knew how the time or distance passed. In the due course, long-lasting friendships were also built on such trips.

How Online Rummy is Better than Offline Rummy?

Many people today don’t get time to catch up with friends or loved ones. While they still love rummy, they do not always find opportunities to play the game offline. That is why they seek opportunities online on websites and gaming apps. Here are some of the merits you enjoy when you play rummy online:

Get to Play Anytime

The most important benefit you enjoy when you play online is that there is really no restriction of time. When you play the game offline, you need to check the convenience of friends and other participants before playing the game. On the contrary, when you play online, you will always find that someone else is online and ready to play with you at anytime of hour. This is because online gaming is a global thing. People from different time zones may choose to play rummy online with you on Khelplay Rummy or other relevant sites.

Get to Play Anywhere

When you play the game offline, you cannot play anywhere. You need to select a location that is suitable to you as well as the other participants. You cannot play the game when you do not have a suitable location. This is not the case with online rummy. You can play the game online anywhere if you have a good internet connection. No one can stop you from enjoying the game on your mobile phone or tablet.

What is the Final Conclusion?

There are merits and demerits in both online and offline gaming. You can choose online gaming if you simply want to refresh your gaming skills. You can also form online gaming circles for future rounds of gaming.

Playing the game with friends and loved ones has a unique feel in itself. Meeting up for playing cards helps to increase the bonding with friends and dear ones. What you choose as your preferred option is up to you!