Trends are strange things. Some stay for many years while others leave as quick as they enter the picture. But others change and evolve with time.

It is not an accident that designs are also a part of these evolving trends, with packaging design also creating personal experiences that connects the consumers to the brands on a different and more personal level.

Being an entrepreneur, you will also get excited about the fact that you will carefully develop a new line of products, and you are also eager to sell them to many customers. To accomplish this kind of task, you need to keep in mind that selecting the perfect type of packaging for your product is important.

However, choosing the perfect type of material to enclose your products, you need to be smart with the design options. Here are some packaging designs that is trending this 2017.

Geometric designs on the labels

The geometric designs are super trendy these days. Designs like hexagons, quadrangles, circles, triangles, and chevron patterns, express simplicity, and honesty through patterns, and shapes.

The model has been particularly useful in the industry, where top label designs are prominent like fragrances and cosmetics. A call to clarity, simplicity and a pause from the clutter on the shelves seems to be a major theme for 2017.

Be simple and bold

Packaging Design Trends For Businesses This 2017

Going back to the basics is a trend that rises regularly. 2017’s version will just appear to be better expressed and more captivating to the customer.

Reducing the elements used in a package design can promote a product. Nowadays, consumers don’t always have the time to check each and every detail of the product. Stick to the requirement and just make sure that it helps the consumer make a more informed decision.

Tell a story with illustrations

Instead of telling stories using many words, get your point directly through illustrations. Including a remarkable picture on a product’s package is a marvelous way to build brand identity.

Looking at a carefully created illustration can immediately improve a customer’s moods by triggering happy thoughts. You can even experiment with illustrations on how to prevent workplace accidents or emergency procedures so that the customer can recycle the packaging and it is still useful after the first use. Who knows, some of your experimental design can go viral.

Include custom lettering

Most of the designers want to get crafty and produce some of their artwork by hand. Fluid imperfections such as natural texture fill and irregular lines can make a product stand out. It also sets itself apart from digital designs.

Vintage inspired designs

Reinvent the package design of your product by including vintage models. Old designs might encourage both younger and older consumers in your target market.

When old customers see vintage design packages, it can remind them of happy times like the life they had once in Dallas and young consumers that are interested in looking into the past.

Go wild with the colors

It’s not a secret that colors can stimulate emotions and can significantly affect purchasing decisions. That’s why colors have always been one of the most crucial choices in designing the packaging.

A buyer may not recall the name or the number of their favorite flavor, but they certainly can remember if the packaging was made up with a vibrant collection of colors.


Always remember that designs should always look to add authenticity, simplicity, and meaning. Trends may come and go, but they are most affecting when helping to create a human connection and in communicating the values of a brand.