Modern equipment with embedded technology trained and qualified technical staff, preventive technical assistance, and on-call staff and customized solutions for each type of customer: for Generator, these are basic requirements for the provision of services and supply of equipment for the industry.

By establishing strong partnerships with established suppliers, the company guarantees a diversified mix of equipment for leasing, while maintaining qualified teams to resolve any type of emergency.

Lots of the companies in market were offering customized industrial solutions with specialized services in a rental of power generators, aerial platforms, rental of electric and diesel air compressors, among other equipment for industry, civil construction and air conditioning for clients of the national scenario.

Everything for the Industrial Sector that cannot stop

It takes knowledge and experience to identify the needs of a sector that is one of the main responsible for the growth of the national economy, offering quick and compatible service to the production speed of the branch.

Teams of technicians and highly specialized operators certify top companies’ expertise in a temporary power supply, with technological studies and analysis for the best alternative energy application at peak times.

There is a maximum availability of electric or diesel air compressors, which guarantee continuous flows of compressed air. The aerial platforms, on the other hand, guarantee the safety for the execution of the work in height.

All this combined with solutions in air conditioning that ensure the proper conditions for the execution of industrial processes; cooling, renovation; filtration and air ventilation; in addition to thermal comfort and higher worker productivity.

Insurance for Equipment rental

It was intended to provide tranquility for its client that rental power generator has created an Insurance that guarantees coverage in case of damage to the equipment, whether environmental, sudden or unforeseen. When contracting the insurance, the customer, who is responsible for the integrity of the equipment, releases some of the risks assumed from the lease agreement.

Basic Coverage

During transportation, the insurance covers damages such as fire, lightning, and explosion; overturning, collision, tipping and derailment of the vehicle; storm, flood, overflowing of watercourses, dams, lakes and ponds during the land voyage. There is also coverage for damages caused by landslides or falling rocks, lands; earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, theft or qualified theft.

When the equipment arrives at your destination, there are also concerns about a number of damages that can be caused by different problems. The rental power generator’s insurance is covered, in this specific case, for fires, lightning and explosions; storm, hurricane, cyclone, tornado and hail; a total or partial collapse of the property structure. Coverage also covers impact damage to land vehicles, objects or people on the equipment; floods; electric damage and theft.

Special Coverage

There is also special coverage for those types of equipment that have operation near the water and cover for electrical damage.

So these all are basic points for best rental power generator deals which are most important and useful.