A PBX system is called as Private Branch Exchange system. It basically acts as a switch station for several telephone systems. This system comprises of multiple branches of phone systems. To link telephone lines, it switches connection between them.

Many companies use this system to connect the internal telephones to an external line. Thus, it is a beneficial way to lease a single line and get it used by several people with a dedicated phone number at once.

How does PBX system enhance the communication in a business?

PBX systems offer several functions and features to a business. Some of them are defined below as:

  • It makes telephone connection by switching between users
  • It ensures that the resources used for the communication lie at the proper place. This ensures effective connection between users
  • With these systems, connection ends properly when the telephone user terminates the line by putting down the receiver
  • It has exemplary recording qualities that can easily record the statistics, quantities, and metering pertaining to the calls

Benefits of using a PBX enabled telephone system

Avaya PBX system is one of the leading manufacturers of world class quality telephone systems. These systems make the communication easy, reliable and hassle free in a business. Following are the advantages of using these systems.

  • Users get a single number to let external callers access all employees in a company.
  • Ensures uniform distribution of calls to all employees present in an answering team. This task is accomplished with the help of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature.
  • PBX systems offer to automate call answering functionality that provides a list of options to the user to direct their call to the required extension or department.
  • The user of this telephone system can answer the calls with the use of customized business greetings.
  • Provide efficient system call management functions
  • Provision to place the caller on hold. This feature is desirable when a caller has to wait for the person to answer it. During the time of call hold, the caller can listen to customized commercial messages or music.
  • Facility to record the interaction between the external caller and employees for any extension.
  • Ability to transfer calls between several internal extensions

How IP-PBX is considered superior over traditional telephone systems

Grandstream PBX offer systems that are developed for both VoIP and landline telephone systems.  When made for VoIP, these systems are called IP PBX systems. They are known to bring several benefits to a business in terms of scalability, easy manageability, and advanced level features.

Addition, relocation and removal of users to and from a telephone system become cost-effective with these systems. Being not attached to a particular user, it allows one to log in the telephone system via any phone present in the network. While doing this, a user will not lose personal configurations and profiles.

PBXs have been considered as a business luxury. Only big companies were able to afford it. Now with IP enabled PBX systems, medium and small level companies are also benefitting from its features and functionalities. By investing money into its hardware and software, a company is sure to get good long term return and benefits.