Though it may seem glamorous to hire a team of people to assist you as you become more wealthy, it’s actually something that you should do if you want to continue growing. Though your wealth can grow, you are still limited to 24 hours per day. Most people require at least seven hours of sleep to function at full capacity so that time is only 17 hours per day that you can use to build your business. However, it’s likely that you have other obligations such as relationships and families that you also want to spend time with. By hiring more and more people as you can afford it, you’ll be able to spend more time on your business, more time with your family, and even time for yourself to go to the gym, meditate or read the book that will help you unlock the next level of yourself. Hiring even just one person can help you focus more on things that energize you and help you get more done in a day. However, many wealthy people hire an entire staff to keep the household running in top shape. Time is the greatest asset a person has. If you are considering hiring someone to help you but you haven’t decided which person, consider the following.

Executive Assistant

Especially if you’re running your own company, an executive assistant can easily serve as your right-hand man. They’ll be able to look at your calendar, anticipate your needs and remind you of other perspectives you might not think of. An executive assistant can take calls on your behalf, make decisions on your behalf and even sign papers with your permission. A huge reason why people hire an executive assistant is that they get bogged down in administrative tasks that not only take their time but can also drain creative energy and create a stressful day. Instead of getting stressed over a phone call with an upset client or figuring out what meetings you are supposed to be doing, the executive assistant can take care of that for you. Depending on how much you are willing to pay them, they can essentially take care of anything such as purchasing new computer monitors, talking to the plumber, and even working with your spouse to plan the best birthday party for your kid. Keep in mind though, that these types of responsibilities require someone who is efficient and trustworthy so you’ll likely pay a premium for that.


With wealth comes the need for protection. Wealthy people can be major targets for theft. If you want to protect your person, your family, and your household, it’s best to invest in professional security. You can contact companies such as Cannon Security to see what their expertise are, what type of security they can provide and if they’re a good fit for you. Most security companies are well-versed in the ways wealthy people need protection. When you’re acquiring wealth at a rapid pace, security is likely a mandatory part of that process for maximum protection.


If your commute involves any amount of traffic, it can be really nice to enjoy the ease of a personal chauffeur. This is one of those things that seems like a luxury but it can be an asset to getting more done and feeling better throughout the day. Working on that challenging problem at work, for example, can be done while you are in the back seat of the car. You can also make phone calls and arrange meetings without the risk of a car accident. Driving can be stressful as well. Whether you want to use that time to meditate, take business calls or do some work on the laptop, it’s nice to hire someone so you can simply enjoy the ride.


The responsibility of making sure an entire family eats three meals a day is a full-time job of its own. This doesn’t include the responsibility of gathering groceries and maintaining a well-stocked refrigerator. By hiring a chef, you’ll very quickly buy back your time. This is especially important for those who have a family and want to decrease the stress in the family while also improving everyone’s health. A chef can provide healthy delicious meals for you so you can spend time talking to your spouse or helping your child with homework. That way you have more time to build relationships and less time worrying about the choice between ordering takeout or spending the time making meals yourself.

Nanny/Family Help

Whether your family includes babies, young children, or teenagers, children require a lot of assistance. By hiring a full-time nanny, it’ll become much easier to handle the responsibilities that children require. Some of the roles that fall under a nanny’s job include helping children with homework, wrapping gifts for upcoming birthday parties, or keeping the children occupied when the family is traveling. Nannies are especially helpful when your work hours don’t align with your kids getting to and from school. You may want help getting them ready for school and bringing them to school.

In order to hire a staff, you’ll have to shift your mindset. While it might look like you’re wasting money by hiring people, you’re actually maximizing your impact. With the right people on staff, you’ll be able to amass more wealth, enjoy a balanced lifestyle and appreciate all it has to offer.