Finding the right venue for a conference can be a tricky matter. After all, you have many aspects to consider. And once you sign that agreement, there is no more backing down, so you have to be sure of your choice. But what does it take to select the perfect venue for your conference? One of the most important decisions you will make when planning a conference is the venue. The venue will definitely have a big impact. The event’s date, for instance, will often depend on the availability of the venue you choose. So will the comfort of your speakers and participants, and so will the overall success of your event.

Before you choose a venue, you need to have a good understanding of three basic factors: your budget, the number of participants or attendees, and the type of conference or event you will have (whether it will be a formal event, a high-tech event, and so on). Once you have a better understanding of what your requirements are, then you can begin your search with confidence.

Aspects to think about when choosing a Venue

  • The expense

The cost is the first aspect to consider when you are choosing a venue. After all, you’d want to keep the costs as reasonable as possible. Look for a venue which can give you flexibility on dates – an event held during the week will often be less expensive than an event held during the weekend.

  • The location

The location of the venue is yet another factor to consider. What’s the best location for your guests and participants? The best location would be a venue that is easily accessible, whether your attendees are traveling locally or coming from abroad. You would want a venue that is located at a reasonable distance from rail stations and airports, and accessible to areas of dining, recreation, and entertainment. On a side note, it might be a good idea to hold your conference in one single location where your attendees can stay, such as a hotel. That way, your guests don’t have to travel and will have no excuse to be late if the conference is in the same hotel where they are staying. A conference venue Midlands such as the Crowne Plaza in Heythrop Park is a good option as it can provide accommodation as well as a venue for your conference.

  • The setting 

The venue’s ambience is one more aspect to think about, especially if your conference is formal and your attendees are notable personalities. When visiting a potential venue, what kind of ambience does it impart? The ambience of the venue should complement the type of event you are having. If you have to re-decorate the venue just to fit the tone of your event, it might be better to opt for another venue.