The lavatory is one of the many rooms inside a multifunctional home where we are likely to stay for a couple of minutes, or sometimes longer than usual. It is recognizable to use this exclusive room as a place for comfort, so it is best to flourish our bathroom by giving it the appropriate illumination.


The four types of light required for the perfect bathroom environment are the task, accent, decorative and ambient. With your creative mind, you can combine all of these kinds of lights to implement the beautification process to your bathroom thoroughly.


Task Lighting


The task lighting is the type of light in which you can see yourself best. Mounting a pair of lanterns or lamps on one or both sides of the mirror precisely at an eye level will provide a beautiful illumination.


By doing so, it will provide a great setting for application of makeup, oral care and everything that needs a light without casting a shadow.


A piece of suggestion to keep in mind, refrain from installing lights atop of the mirror. It will only cast an extreme light on your forehead and create a shade below your eyes, nose, and areas under the mouth.


People must look at their best when they look at their mirror image, and appropriate bathroom lighting will help you to be more confident throughout the day. Seek for a color temperature that generates an inviting aura to your room and a condition that brightens your visitors in the most beautiful way.


Accent Lighting


If you happen to have a gorgeous art in your bathroom, and you love looking at it, then the accent lighting will display it the best. The recessed directional lights bring a focused beam for your every art pieces.


Decorative Lighting


The beautiful thing about decorative lighting is that it adds visual glitters to your home to make it shine. It is best used to accessorize your home as it helps bring out your household’s finest image.


Ambient Lighting


The ambient lighting acts as the fill light. There are lots of ambient lighting fixtures that you can check on some reputable sites like LampTwist which can be set up along the borders of the space. The use of pendant lighting with a translucent dimness can be utilized as a source of the decorative and ambient light together.


Extra Tip:


Recessed lighting on dim generates an ambient light which is perfect for any mood you desire. Dim lights are effective in the tub area where relaxation and intimate activities happen mostly. It is also better to put the switches of your fan and lighting separately.


By simply doing so, you can create a right combination of light sources which allows you to pick what light to illuminate to satisfy your mood.




Our bathroom is not just a place where we wash or clean ourselves. The space that it offers promotes a time for relaxation, comfort, and privacy. It is where we can look ourselves in the mirror whenever how long we want, so proper lighting to your bathroom will surely provide you a great daily bath time.