You have plenty of options when it comes to long term public storage Pasadena solutions. To help you decide which is best, you should first make a list of what items you need to store and for how long. When you have the worked out, you will be ready to compare the different possibilities.


One thing that is important to determine is how often you will want to access the unit. If you are just putting things into the space and leaving them there, the location becomes less important. You might be able to pick a place that is a little out of the way that will therefore be less expensive.


On the other hand, if you are planning on taking things out and putting things in on a regular basis, it will need to be convenient. If it is on the way to other places you go regularly, such as when you do errands, even better. A cheaper place that is out of the way will end up costing you extra money in gas.


You will also want to consider whether or not you need a place that is climate controlled. Some items, such as artwork and electronics among others, need the protection of a climate-controlled facility. Make sure you know whether or not you will need this feature for the belongings you plan on storing.


Think about the size of the space you need to rent. This can be difficult to judge if storage is new to you so you may need to ask a storage place for advice. Bulkier and larger items may require a space that is larger than some places have available.


What about the accessibility of the facility? There are some that are always accessible, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There are others that are not, so you need to consider whether you require the ability to access it at absolutely any time.


Physical accessibility is also important such as the ease of backing a truck up as well as unloading and loading it. You may be able to find facilities that are farther out of town which are only a single floor making access a bit easier. It is also helpful if there are hand trucks that can be borrowed.


Look into the security of any facility that you are considering. Is there a security guard on the premises? What about a system of security cameras? When you are storing your things for a long time and will not be coming and going very often you especially want to feel good about the safety of them.


You can start asking for some quotes once you have a good idea of what features you will need. There are sometimes price breaks for paying several months at a time. Often, storage places also run specials so be sure to ask about those. If you find a better price at one, you can also negotiate with the others and see if they can match it.