For any homeowner or building manager, a big inconvenience can be a blocked drain. Subject to blocked drains in the premises, there is slower draining of water in the sinks. While flushing, the water in the toilet may come up and in the gully there may be an overflow. Also, you may get a stinking smell from the drains due to the water held up and not continuously flowing. There are skilled plumber services handy once there are blocked drains in your premises – who accurately diagnose the problem and fix it properly. Various things are there that lead to the blockage of your drains.

Reasons For Blocked Drain Melbourne


Normally down the kitchen sink, fats and grease find their way whilst washing dishes. To the water the grease doesn’t flow into the drain, but rather sticks to the pipes internally. Over time the grease accumulates and consequently, you are going to witness blocked drain Melbourne. You can avoid this problem by ensuring that you are not pouring greasy substances down the sink. Instead you can let the grease cool and become solid, and then scrape it off and throw it away in the trash.


At the time of autumn, from the trees, leaves fall off and easily gather in the pipes that are the result of blocked drains. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that from your premises, leaves are collected and disposed of in the trash in a proper manner. Also roots of trees are a source of drain blockage. Normally, roots are in attraction to moisture and will be moving in the direction of the pipes that carry waste water. Then they will crack the pipes for getting into the water. At the time of its occurrence, the roots obstruct the drain and therefore become the result of drain blockage.

Foreign Items

Foreign items are also the result of blocked drains as they get and accumulate into the drainage pipes. Down the sinks, items like soap can go whilst in the toilet sanitary items can be flushed that lead to the blockage of drains. Quite easily hairs are drained into the pipes that are collected to cause a blockage. Hence, it is imperative to put traps in your sinks for ensuring that foreign items are not flown into the drain. Just tissue paper has to be flushed down the toilet and you must dispose other objects and sanitary items in the garbage.


Due to the water draining away from the pipes, from vents, air enters in to be placed. Due to the existence of enough air, there is proper drainage of water and waste from the pipes. From the vents, insufficient air is the result of waste water deposit and hence leading to occurrence of blockage. Hence, you should ensure that on the roof, the vent is free of all the blockages.


There is effectiveness of the drain pipe slope to the effective waste flows into the chief sewer line. A too steep slope is the result of water rushing down faster to leave behind the waste, and after some time the deposited waste will be the consequence of pipe blockage.