The Yamaha is the most popular brand in the field of the motorcycle manufacturer. They not only manufacture motorcycles they also manufacture all-terrain vehicles, boats, and other vehicles. They strongly foothold in the field of manufacturing motorcycles including sports bikes, commuter bikes, and off-road bikes. The main objective of the company for reach this top- notch is providing and increasing the performance and fuel efficiency of the motorcycles in order to satisfy the customer needs and requirements. The company makes many things and uses many advanced technologies in their motorcycles for attracting the customers towards their brand. They use many innovative ideas to bring their brand name succeed in the market. This will make them stand in the industry for many years with the same fame and popularity. Every year they manufacture and release the motorcycle like Yamaha fazer with an extraordinary design and performance that is more special when compared with the existing Yamaha model bikes. The Yamaha fazer not only attracts the men, it also attracts the women and kids like to ride the bike at least once. The Yamaha fazer creates a craze among the men to buy and ride this wonderful bike in their lifetime.

Reasons To Choose The Yamaha Fazer Among All The Bike Models

The Yamaha fazer is a semi-faired version of the Yamaha FZ series. It is the most affordable semi-faired motorcycle with fuel injection and rivals present in the Suzuki, pulsar, and apache. This bike comes with a wonderful design and has a good aerodynamics. It also provides high efficiency and better performance when you ride this bike on the road. This bike also offers a less air-fuel ratio compared to other Yamaha bikes. Actually, it was a perfect bike for a long ride and it was the most comfortable ride at its max speed of 122 kmph. The Yamaha fazer has a great look with the excellent front doom and dual headlamp. You can ride this bike at low speed and also good in the heavy traffic. It provides a good riding position for the riders. You can also adjust the riding posture in order to make the bike more comfortable for long time travel on the highways.  The price of the bike is too high when compared to other model bikes. However, the Yamaha fazer is worthy for your money with their excellent performance, design, and fuel efficiency. It also has a feature of the split seats in order to provide better comfort while traveling.

The Yamaha fazer comes in two types of model i.e. version 1.0 and version 2.0.  These two versions of the motorcycle have no much difference between them. The design and performance of the motorcycle were the only difference between the version 1.0 and 2.0.  The gearshifts are better smooth and have precision to it even after long hours of riding. It gives the rider a semi sporty yet relaxed seating position and a good view ahead beyond the fairing. The rear drum brake is sharp and has a very good bite to it. It also comes with a front disc brake that provides you better grip and sudden stop. The seats widened now, and the rear mudguard made friendlier to both the pillion. This bike also received a kick-start addition due to the bad electronics that were a problem in the previous generation of the bike. It also has a digital meter that shows information such as speed, RPM and fuel level. This engine is suitable for all kinds of the weather conditions. The Yamaha fazer has an orange backlit background and is easy to read it in low light but is not bright enough for a sunny day.