Can I Save My Windows?

If you decide to start shopping for a new replacement window, first of all check what can be done to make the windows you already have more energy-efficient. No doubt that replacing the old windows with vinyl windows will lower the energy bills but at the same time it will take many years to get any benefit from it after spending thousands on new windows and their installation. Here are some pieces of advice from the experts working in the field of window replacement in Atlanta on when you need to repair your windows and when it is time to replace them.

Can I Repair Old Sashes?

Inspect your windows for rotting. Some professionals might be able to repair rotted windows, jammed sashes, and some broken parts. In case you see signs that water has permeated through the frame, you should be aware that you need a replacement window. But to avoid replacement check your windows for any signs of rot. Sometimes the sashes may stick; if you have such a problem – rub the bottom of a candle (a white one is better) against the bottom and sides of your window; it will help to slide better in the channel. If you noticed condensation in the layers of glass, replace the sash or the window. This procedure may be covered by the warranty.

How can I Make Old Windows Energy-efficient?

Encapsulating materials and weather stripping always help reduce drafts. Simply remove caulk from the old window and replace it with new caulk using a special caulking gun. You will need to do it in 2 ways: outside – put caulk between the window molding and house itself; inside – put caulk around the window trim. Apply the caulk only when it is dry outside and the temperature is above 45 degree F. Sealant helps to prevent air leaks around sashes. It must be applied only to clean and dry surfaces with the surrounding temperature over 20 degree F. The weather stripping will compress when sashes are shut. But in case you don’t want to think of this process and for sure do it yourself – get a new vinyl window which will solve all your problems!

Is My House was Built Before 1960 do you have Any Precautions?

Lead-based paint was banned only in 1978 and is very common in the houses built before 1960. Single-pane windows can be really dangerous as the friction of the sashes can lead to dust formation and result in lead poisoning for the whole family. Professional contractors will always suggest remedies for paint removal. Replace window eliminates the lead risk in future but also with no doubt will increase the amount of lead dust during the removal. So the advice is: hire only a professional contractor for such a rigorous and dangerous work.

If I have Historic Original Windows, do I need to Replace Them?

No one will argue the fact that windows define the home’s exterior look and are an important architectural detail. If a house has stained or leaded glass or decorative wood grilles, replacement window can lower the value of the whole house. Ask yourself if the new windows will fit your style? Consider some tips for improving energy efficiency before deciding to replace them.

Cora Howell – an environmentally friendly designer and architect for replacement window company in Atlanta, provides answers to general questions basing on home improvement forums.