What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting wherein the account owner has the ability to use his or her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. The reseller purchases the host’s services in wholesale and then sells them to customers, possibly for a profit.

In simple words, in reseller hosting a reseller account holder can rent out a portion of their disk space and bandwidth to other users.

How does Reseller Hosting Benefit you?

There are several benefits of Reseller Hosting. Some of them are:

  • As a Reseller Hosting account holder, you can host any number of domains under one big account. Also you may make your own customised packages.
  • Linked to the first point, Reseller Hosting generates regular revenue and the profit made is pretty good.
  • Another great advantage is that customization of control panel provided. The reseller has control of all his customer’s control panel, and can manage them. The customers too have their own separate control panel, and can personalize it.
  • Option of upgrading your Reseller Hosting account is available, as and when your business grows. ResellerClub offers a wide range of plans for both Linux and Windows.

When to choose Reseller Hosting

Here are 3 times, when you can go for Reseller Hosting;

  1. Multiple Websites: If you have several websites (either for your own business or if you build and operate websites as a Web Designer for other customers), then instead of choosing different hosting options for each of them and managing them separately, hosting them on Reseller Hosting becomes easier. Even handling these websites becomes easy, as there is only one control panel.
  2. High Traffic:  Server sharing can affect your website by making it slow. As well as if a particular website has high traffic, your website too might suffer and become slow automatically. In Reseller Hosting, though the entire server isn’t yours, your traffic although high doesn’t affect the performance of the website.
  3. Revenue Generation: If you are planning to start a web business, Reseller Hosting can be a good source of income. It is easily one of the cheapest ways to kickstart a business, with fewer risks and involved and great investment.

The Pros and Cons

Even though Reseller Hosting is a great way generating revenue and hosting multiple websites under one single account, there is a slight setback too.

The cost of Reseller Hosting is considerably higher as compared to Shared Hosting. But at the same time one shouldn’t forget that the features & resources offered by a Reseller Hosting account are more too and you can operate a lot more websites. A simple cost saving trick could be to start with a low cost plan and upgrade as and when your business grows.


On a whole, Reseller Hosting is good if you are looking to start up your web business, as investment risks are low. You can enjoy, the various perks of Reseller Hosting and even get good technical support from the primary hosting provider. Though, the reseller remains the point of contact for its clients.