Almost all of us depend much upon generator sets to ensure uninterrupted power supply because of frequent power-cuts. Many of us buy these sets while few prefer to hire the same with the facility of rent a generator. Whether the generator is owned through purchase or is hired, these devices need to be run in safe manners. As such the operators should know how to operate them.

The following simple tips can be of great help for safe running of DG sets:

a. Study the manual Do not ever ignore the manual for operating the generator set. This small booklet is provided along with the set. The instructions / warnings contained in it must be followed in strict manners.

b. Avoid using a portable set indoors Large amounts of carbon monoxide are emitted during the operation of these sets. Carbon monoxide, the odorless / colorless gas leads to dizziness and may also result in unconsciousness or even death. It may not be noted that this gas cannot be dispersed in easy manners even by opening the windows or running fans. As such portable DG sets should be operated outdoors and away from windows or vents that open into the house.

c. Proper size Choose the right size as regards rent a generator or purchasing the same. The purpose of generator must be taken into account while asking for the size of the generator set that you hire or buy. Take assistance from a professional for this.

d. Appropriate size extension cord Do not ignore this cord when you run a generator. The extension cord must be able to handle the power that runs through it. Double check the same so that it is safe when you use it outdoor.

e. Refueling when cool Do check the amount of fuel in the generator. You should immediately fill the fuel when you notice that the set is running low on fuel. Remember that the hot parts of the set may ignite if gasoline is spilled on it in sudden manners. Take extra caution and let the device cool down before you refill the fuel tank.

f. Shutting off in emergency Turning off the DG set in emergencies should be done in careful manners. The manual should be studied carefully so that you are able to shut down the set on instant basis in case of any emergency.

g. Upkeep Maintenance of the DG sets on routine basis is a must. Those hiring the sets must keep a record of the maintenance periods and ask for timely upkeep so that nothing goes wrong. The generator rentals must be maintained in strict manners. Likewise those buying the DG sets should also ask for timely maintenance by hiring the service providers that maintain the generators sets in perfect manners. It is suggested that the device is taken outdoors in dry areas and kept in running condition for about ten minutes. The technician may be called to fix the problem if the same exists in the set.

The above safety tips can be greatly useful in maintaining and running the generator sets without any problems or other issues.