Most of the people will give preference to their mobile selection and they want the new features with exclusive mobile apps. The need of the mobile will increase day by day. Nowadays kids also like to play the games on the smart phone and the tablet, because today’s version of Smart phones and tablets are having the most advanced application. The device application, specification and the features are unique. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge gives the personalized specifications and features in an easy way.  You can be able to access this device application easily. The designer introduced the Galaxy Note Edge with borderless aesthetic design.


The fantastically curved edge of the Galaxy Note Edge increases the user’s own creative space.  The borderless aesthetics of the developed surface provided the infinite and the fluid experience to the users.  The designer introduced revolutionary and new angle designs on this Galaxy Note Edge.  It gives users with the new method to access the text and information, engage with their device. It is the best device to express the user’s tastes and personalities. This device with the single curved Edge screen gives quick access to mostly used application, alerts and all these device functionalities appear with the swipe of the thumb, and even though the cover is closed.  This Galaxy Note Edge device is designed for the user convenient, that you can receive your notification directly while you watch movies or videos.  The simultaneous process is performed without disturbing the user viewing and also these all notifications are stored on Edge screen.  There is no loss of notifications and information; everything will be stored on the Edge screen. This is the extended features of this Galaxy Note Edge.  It has the premium screen with Quad HD and super AMOLED display.  The specific color saturation and this high resolution display give the tremendous viewing experience to the users.  This all features are truly optimized for e-reading and the web-browsing. It has the excellent, bright and clear image camera.  The dark area is not a matter, still it captures the excellent moments.  Capture the clearer and brighter images using the front and the rear camera where the camera has 3.7MP front-facing, F19 lens camera and the smart back camera with 16MP OIS.  This feature will provide the best results at every moment.


This Galaxy Note Edge has the operating system of Android 4.4 kitkat, the dimension of this device is 151.3×82.4×8.3 and the weight is up to 174g. It has 3GB of the RAM memory space and the internal memory space up to 32GB.  It also supports the MicroSD card with 128GB.  The size of the S pen is about 15g. The Galaxy Note Edge 2 is not is not yet announced. Moreover, they use the new technique to take the notes by S Pen.  By using this S Pen you can change the color of the notes, edit notes.  Take the picture using photo notes and immediately convert it to analog to digital. The Galaxy Note Edge also has the advanced S Pen, fast charging method; it is possible to open the multi window at the same time.  The multi window screen of Galaxy Note Edge gain flexibility by maintaining multiple tasks at single screen using these easy gestures.