The Samsung is one of the most leading companies for offering several gadgets to the people. Each and every year Samsung is releasing variety of gadgets all over the world. Every year Samsung devices get very big achievements due to their specifications and improvements. Now Samsung is functioning all around the worldwide market. In addition the Samsung users are increasing day by day and Samsung Company has got more profit through their wonderful devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4: Is It Worth To Buy?

Dimension, Display And Release Date

The Galaxy Tab 4 was launched in the year of 2014 in August month and this was hitting in the Tablet market when compared to other tablets. There are several improvements and surprising features are available in this Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. No one can beat the Samsung Galaxy device because the developer has been including more and more additional features and specifications to the Galaxy device. Likewise the Galaxy Tab 4 has very attractive and interesting features when compared to previous models. The Galaxy Tab 4 was launched with three different kinds of designs such as Galaxy Tab 4.7, Galaxy 4.8 and Galaxy 4.5. The developer would fix the price amount of Galaxy Tab 4 based on the performance, software and hardware and this Galaxy Tab 4 was released with affordable price rate. Surely, this will give high performance to the people because the developer would include very interesting features to the Galaxy Tab 4. The dimension of Galaxy Tab 4 is 8.90×108.00×187.00 and then weight is 276.00 ranges. This Galaxy Tab 4 is operating with black and white color around the world. The Galaxy Tab 4 has 1.2 GHz of quad core processor and this device done with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. In addition the Galaxy Tab was launched with 7.00inches-screen display size and the resolution of Galaxy Tab 4 is 800×1280 pixel density with 216 ppi rate.

Camera, Memory Space, Battery And OS

The Galaxy Tab 4 has 16 Giga Bytes, 32 Giga Bytes and 64 Giga Bytes of internal memory storage. The Galaxy Tab 4 has 2 Giga Bytes of RAM memory storage and the internal memory space has expanded up to 64 Giga Bytes range through the MicroSD card. With the help of this memory space, you will store and keep large number of music files and folders. The Galaxy Tab 4 has two camera sensors like front camera and rear camera sensors. The Front camera has 1.3 mega pixel rates and the back camera sensor has 3 mega pixel rates. The Galaxy Tab 4 is successfully running with Android 4.4 operating system and the battery is non removal one. The battery power of Galaxy Tab 4 has 4450mAh range. The Galaxy Tab 4 has Accelerometer sensor device and this is the additional feature of this device. Now developer plans to design a new Galaxy Tab 5 because of Galaxy Tab 4 successes. This Galaxy Tab 4 is offering lots of benefits to the people. The people expect this new Galaxy Tab 5 can be designed with some astonishing features and this also gets the biggest success in the market.