The Seo world is forever changing and to keep up you need to be constantly educating yourself on the latest updates and theories, and with that, here is a look at some of the latest updates.

Natural Language Programme

In recent years machine learning has become an essential part of the SEO world and in 2020 one of Google latest tools show a strong indication that where updates will be headed. The NPL tool gives you a demonstration of how their new tool will help to further optimise your website.

Essentially you input your content into the demo and Google gives it a readable score of how much Google can understand the sentence. It breaks down sentences and rates between -1 & 1 (anything over 0.30 is a good/ green score) this means Google can understand what your website is talking about and categorize it appropriately. It’s a tool to try in the future as machine learning will become a big part of what Google does daily, so it’s best to make your content readable for both bots and users.

Web Development 

While it’s not SEO, web dev is also going to become essential to help your website rank well online. A website’s architecture will help Google bots crawl the website, and the more Google can understand and things such as heading are ordered correctly, will help with your longterm ranking goals.


Google search levels have massively inflated during the pandemic following the march announcement from the World Health organisation. With these inflations mainly coming from the e-commerce and health sectors, Google may want to start seeing websites include a page dedicated to safety measures in place to ensure customer safety. 

This might be similar to the MEDIC update which only affects certain sectors, but with COVID-19 it’s not something that would affect blogs for example.

Technical SEO

Google will continue to prioritise websites that offer better technical development. Making your website better for crawlers and bots to read will enable Google to understand the page of the overall website better. Currently optimising sitemaps, the use of structured data and page speed are some of the key areas involved in technical SEO, in future, you can expect Google to encourage more technical aspects and technical due diligence of the website to improve and adjust their algorithm in line with it.