If you are like most people, you let your 401K sit and do its own thing. You probably rarely, if ever, look at it. Even though you might get regular updates on what it is doing or looking like, you might never really “look” at the results. And this philosophy, even though common throughout the general public, is a waste.

Your 401K is supposed to be working for you. And while it might be doing so, chances are it is doing it sluggishly or in an unstable manner. With the dicey economy that we’ve experienced over the last six years or so, if your 401K is still just sitting there plugged into low-yield stocks or money-market funds, you could actually be losing more money than you could imagine. This slow, recession-prone economy is one of the main reasons why you have been hearing a lot of buzz lately about converting over to precious metals for your 401K.

And if you haven’t been hearing that buzz, let this be your heads up. The way to security and value that rarely decreases by any significant amount is through gold. After all, your 401K is supposed to be your retirement investment. It needs to be stable even while it is growing in value over a period of years. Nothing is more stable than gold. The gold standard, the golden rule, good as gold, worth its weight in gold – all of these sayings have more in common than the obvious. They really are telling you that gold is the most valuable underlying commodity the world has ever known. And that value remains constant today.

Unlike the typical vehicles that 401K accounts are invested in, gold provides a level of security and stability that just isn’t seen with anything else. It doesn’t lose value like paper money and stock market virtual money does. It is solid, real and tangible. Those qualities never lose their luster when it comes to wealth – true wealth. It’s so easy to convert 401k to gold, with no out of pocket expense, unlike if you buy gold 401k accounts where you will have some expenses to pay. You can roll over all or a portion of your 401K to gold, and have the most solid hedge against future recessions of our economy that you could foresee.

Look at all the ways your retirement investments could be harmed by poor economic growth and movement that is completely out of your control. You need to protect that precious retirement savings account, and make sure it can perform at its best all the time. Any time the markets aren’t behaving well, everyone heads in the direction of gold. When the markets are making huge strides, gold still performs well. It is a win/win situation no matter what’s happening.

But if you don’t have any of your 401K invested in gold, you have nothing to backstop the losses if the market really turns sour. This is not the way to make sure you have funds to back retirement. Just a little action now to roll over at least part of your 401K now will help you stay on the right path of investment for your future.

Goldco Precious Metals can help you buy gold 401k. Give them a call today and let them show you how to convert 401k to gold.