If you are wanting to fall in love with your bathroom again, we are here to introduce some really simple tips to make it happen. From small affordable changes to slightly more dramatic ones, you can completely transform your bathroom no matter your budget!


Paint Your Tiles

The first thing that you can do to completely transform your entire bathroom is to paint your tiles! This is such an affordable change that can completely change the look of the space, helping to modernise and brighten. All you need to do is buy paint that is suitable for use on tiles, follow the instructions carefully and watch the transformation begin. You could experiment with stencils to add unique details if you are feeling more confident. Take your time with this to make sure that you get it right first time, as stripping the paint off afterwards won’t be the most fun task! 


Get A Mirror With Lighting

Lighting can make such a big difference in any room of the house, including your bathroom. So, to help your bathroom feel refreshed, you should either add backlighting to your current mirror or invest in a new mirror that has backlighting. When you turn the mirror on, the entire room will brighten and it is a great spot for doing your hair or makeup in the morning. It’s amazing the difference a good mirror can make in a bathroom, especially as they help to radiate light around the room, so this is one of the first things you should consider doing to transform your bathroom. 


Invest In Bathroom Plants

Our next piece of advise to help you transform your bathroom is to invest in plants. Find plants that thrive in humid environments, such as spider plants, bamboo, snake plants, ivy and aloe vera. A splash of green in your bathroom will look wonderful, it will help to clarify the air and it will brighten the space. If you can, have your plants by the window to help give them as much light as possible, or if you have a larger bathroom, taller plants in pots will work really well. 

You could compliment the new greenery with some green towels and bath accessories to really tie everything together! 


Add Custom Blinds

Another thing that you can to do transform your bathroom is to add custom blinds. Old, drab blinds can have a real impact on the overall look of your bathroom, so adding new customised blinds is the best way to change that. Having them made to measure will give the best finish, plus then you have full control over the type of blind and the material used. 

One of the best types of blinds for the bathroom are plastic or metal venetians, as they are very easy to clean and won’t be damaged by the humidity in the room. 


Get Some Shiny New Taps

Invesitng in new taps for your sink is another great way to create a whole new look. Rusty old taps are going to ruin the overall aesthetic, so replacing them is the best way forward. Finish the sink off with some extra decoration, like a cute soap holder and perhaps a small plant, to tie everything together! If you are in a position to, this would also be a great time to replace the shower head, not only to create a more powerful shower, but to compliment the new taps.