If one was to thank anything for the success of the service industry in India, it would be the BPOs and the call centres that sprung up as a result of foreign business outsourcing some of their tasks owing to the low cost involved. This has opened up a plethora of job openings for BPO executives, and thus spurred a huge demand in the number of the BPO executives required. Here we have compiled a list of all the qualities and skills that companies look for in a potential candidate before hiring them as call centre executives in a BPO.

  1. Critical thinking and problem solving

A pushy client or a harried customer may sometimes test a BPO executive’s nerves by being difficult on call. It is up to them somehow extricate themselves from the sticky situations such as these by thinking on their toes.

  1. Leadership and responsibility

A good BPO executive will always take it upon himself/herself to update all tracking sheets regularly and be a team player. When heading a group, they should be able to manage their team efficiently so as to keep the customer service running smoothly.

  1. Flexibility and adaptability

BPO executives must be prepared to work for long hours at odd timings so as to able to provide service client requirements living in different time zones.

  1. Productivity and accountability

Every call centre sets a minimum time for BPO executives to resolve an issue a customer might be facing. They must be able to adhere to such deadlines as well as be accountable in case they are not being met.

  1. Good communication skills

It goes without saying that a BPO executive must work extensively on their diction, speech and pronunciation so as to effectively solve their target client’s requirement.