IITian, the word itself carries so much of prestige and power. Getting into IIT is like a dream come true for every engineering aspirant. If you are one of them, then you shall have to fight the obstacles in the form of various entrance exams. You have to study smartly, pass the exam with flying colors and become one of the IITians.

Why are these entrance exams so difficult to crack?

JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) conducted by CBSE at national level, is considered the toughest, and one of the most important exam for being in the IITs, NITs or other private colleges. JEE happens in two steps JEE main and JEE Advanced.

JEE mains has another paper which is JEE main paper 2 drawing questions with solution, it is for them who want to pursue B.Arch. The JEE paper 2 is based on 3D thinking questions as well as drawing section, the paper consists of three parts mathematics, aptitude and drawing test.

The various exams apart from JEE main and JEE Advanced Syllabus which are touted to be one of the most difficult ones are BITSAT, VITEE, WBJEE and many others.

You have to be totally focused and extremely dedicated in your preparation, to be able to clear these exams. The hardness factors can be explained by going through the below points:

  • Huge syllabus comprising of maths, chemistry and physics as subjects.
  • The question papers are very much tricky as well as lengthy compared to the time allotted for completing them.
  • The acceptance ratio in college is pretty much less compared to the number of students who apply for the exam.
  • The seats in the colleges are mostly reserved under various categories.

What should be your first smart move for clearing your engineering entrance?

If you can can get yourself a good guide or mentor, they will help you in increasing your willingness and determination to succeed. This is when you feel the requirement of a good institute for coaching for helping you with your preparation. The preparation for any entrance exam is not only studying day and night. it is about implementing smart techniques which are tried and tested. You can learn these techniques from someone who have a huge amount of experience in this field of study.

Hence, you should always lookout for the coaching centres providing best coaching for IIT. Finding the best IIT coaching in india is not very easy, as you need to look at multiple factors before enrolling yourself into any IIT coaching centre.

These IIT JEE coaching institutes in India offer the best engineering coaching to the students and are counted among the top 5:

  1. Allen Institute
  2. Akash Classes
  4. Bansal Classes
  5. Resonance

Requirement of smart study plan.

Jotting down the points required for studying smartly, which if incorporated in your preparation, can be extremely helpful.

  • Invest quality time

Start your preparation by getting thorough knowledge of all the subjects and understand their nced problems.

  • Preparing time-table

Creating a realistic time-table and dividing study time required for each subject and also prioritising time for revision can bring a perfect balance in your preparation for IIT JEE.

  • Include apt study material

Selecting study materials which are actually useful and referred by your mentors and following them is a must. Do not try anything extra as it might confuse you.

  • Time management.

learning the art of time management can help you during solving the question paper of your exam. 180 questions and required to be solved within mere 90 minutes.

  • Appear for mock tests.

Solving previous year question papers and sitting for mock tests online or in your coaching institute, as much as possible will give your a reality check as how is the exam going to be.

With this, try and get breaks during your study for your mental relaxation, sleep well, eat well and exercise. All this will brighten your mind, you will get away with stress and you will be confident with your preparation.


You should make and follow the strategies which will be suitable to you and stay positive. This way, nothing can stop you from reaching your ultimate goal, of  fetching your engineering degree.