Social media has taken its special position in everyone’s daily life and hardly a day pass out without using it. The platform like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Now, how can any one think that an important event just like wedding ceremony can remain unaffected by their strong influence. The era is going of pre wedding and post wedding video and photography which is getting shared on social media platform. Keeping in view all the pros and cons of Social Media it is wise to move a proper planning for managing the Social Media in Indian Weddings in advance.

A well-planned media strategy for Wedding can not only permit you to save time, money and efficaciously communicate with your attendee avoiding any abdicate digital fortune but can also enable in showcasing and branding the event online if required, adding extra-entertainment to the flicking Indian Weddings.

Social Media And Changing Marriage Trends !!

Know Some amazing traits of social media and changing wedding trends:-

 Wedding Invitation in Online Platform

Wedding card distribution is a very hectic and takes lot of time. But in today’s era digital media has taken its own position by helping people to connect with each other very easily. Marriage declaration and invitations have become much simpler. Along with this, the e-cards are more creative, eco- friendly and low budget way to choose as one saves on so much paper quantity and decreases choosing  on the traditional card pattern and design.  You can even send a creatively made YouTube invite of your video announcing your wedding personally.

The guests can also substantiate their accessibility and attendance online itself making it simpler for the wedding planner to number things accordingly.

 Creating Online Memories

 In before timing, we have to wait for the wedding photos to be printed and processed, but today with the digital era photographs can be clicked from advanced camera and immediately can be uploaded to the social media. Your can also enhance the quality and artistry of the image and get it uploaded on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter quickly for the reviews by relatives and friends who stay abroad or from any reason can not attend the wedding.

Branding your Wedding Online

As we know, social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Flicker has introduced Hash Tag (#) feature which help users to post all the updates related to a particular topics. You can make a new topic for your wedding by hast tagging with new name and experience. It makes easy for anyone to search and access all the updates related to the particular events. Just ensure that the hash tag with you include in your post is very catchy and unique so that your event updates do not mismatch with others.

 Better Arrangement of Guest

 The wedding attendee can be acquaint to each other online before the actual wedding, permits them to recognize each other well and relish the wedding, when they personally meet them in the event.

 Help to provide Best Wedding Planner

Social media enables you with your before wedding arrangements, such as exploring, analyze, contacting and booking merchandiser for catering, wedding location, decor, DJ, transport services, etc. The kind and excellence of the work finished by them can be confirmed through their postings online.

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