The past few years have been really thriving for the advancement of technology. Everything boomed and a lot of it peeked, especially in 2017. The current year has managed to build upon the innovations of the last one and as we can see how many upgrades and augmentations have been added. But what does that mean for years to come, especially for the one that we have ahead of us right now? 2019 Has a lot in stored for us and many of the things cannot really be predicted. We still cannot say what to expect, but one thing is for certain and it has to do a lot with social media.

Social Media Trends to Expect in 2019

Social media and SEO have been steadily developing and ascending since its inception. It has reached the heights that nobody has dreamt about and a lot of us didn’t really know what to make of it when it started. But a lot of people saw the advantage that social media actually bring and sought to reap the fruits of labor that it brings. Thus, predictions for 2019 are greatly tied with the further expansions of social media. Here are some social media trends to expect in 2019 that might surprise everyone.

Integration of Social Media

Currently, people are able to use the “Connect With Us” button when using various services. This helps people connect through social media to various services that you need for your job, daily life or simply out of interest. This has started to become natural for a lot of people and most of them disregard the fact that this exists. But as we are expecting social media is going to create an even further integration with various services in the upcoming year.

Social Media Trends to Expect in 2019

This has proven to be a rising trend so far and we see it continuing. It may reach a point that almost all major services are going to be integrated with social media. Eventually, we are all going to end up syncing all of our decision with each other. This will further allow various services to stack more and more information about us through our use of social media. The use of services will thus become more streamlined and will be much more suitable and personal for the customer. This idea seeks to make everything a lot better for the users and will eventually make lives a lot easier for us.

Earn Money Through Social Media

As with everything on the internet, social media also allows you to earn money through it. Using it in a correct way, social media sites have become quite a powerful advertising tool and have been responsible for accumulating a lot of revenue for certain companies. Advertisements on social media are really cost effective and earn a lot of money if you implement them correctly. But the past year has seen various platforms that allow you to earn money in a direct way by providing content for it and helping the platform grow.

In 2019 posting on social media sites is going to help you earn much more money. The idea seems to be working which means that the trend will continue and there is a lot of room for it to grow even further. There are a lot of innovative ideas that social networks that pay you money attract their audiences and users and a lot of them also offer a few different ways for you to earn money. Some of them even allow you to curate texts and posts. Other allow you to blog. But all in all, it essentially works the same and gives you a great and easy way for you to make a few bucks by doing something that you have gotten used to doing as your daily routine.

Live Video Feeds

It seems that going live is really fun to do as the past year has seen quite a boom with people using that option. Going live and posting your videos is really attractive for teenagers and most of them started using it for fun. But it also became a very good network marketing strategy and a lot of companies started using it. All in all, this option is one of the best innovations that any social network thought of. Since this option gains a lot of attention in the past year, we only expect it to become even more popular.

Social networks are all about sharing. You put your pics, videos, experiences or ideas for others to see. The next step was to do it live so it was only natural for this option to gain as much attention as it has. That is why almost all of social media networks have added this option to their offer. Expect to see a lot more live videos in 2019.

Smarter Chatbots

Many social networks utilize chatbots instead of human beings. It is really cost effective that way and faster as it saves on the workforce. Initially, this option as not well liked. You do have to have a conversation and ask certain questions on some social sites, but you easily recognize that the one writing back to you is not a human being. But as things are going, that is going to change really fast.

Social Media Trends to Expect in 2019

2019 will not feature AI intelligence which might substitute humans, but it will perhaps make a big step towards it. Chatbots are getting smarter and smarter and the newest generation is really good as some people were not able to tell the difference. Since the technology is getting better, social media sites will most certainly implement it to save on money and bring a fast and useful service to its users.