If you have followed through with creating a decent business plan, then you are ready to pick a location. You might already have one in mind. But, you need other things to think about.

Location, Location, Location. That’s the rule of thumb. If you are planning on opening a restaurant, you need the perfect area. But, there is no set formula for where the perfect location is. A restaurant out in the middle of nowhere could thrive because of its sense of privacy. A restaurant just up the street from another restaurant could thrive because it offers consumers a choice. You never really know if the location is going to be a hit or not. So, it does require a good bit of thought.

Of course, location can be measured rather decently if you are able to look around and see a need without the service. If you want to open a computer service store, right in the middle of a town that has no computer service store is a great bet. But, you really have to know the area. There are some towns throughout the country that are still in the dark ages. A computer store would not thrive in a town that only has one computer everyone uses.

These are just some of the things to think about when you are trying to find the perfect location for your business. The great thing about Rivky’s Art Workshops is that they don’t require any specific location. They are great for any region and they can literally be opened anywhere. Here are just some ideas.


Plenty of businesses have been started out of the home. Only when the business outgrew the home did it have to be relocated. An art workshop is perfect for the home and that’s an expense you already have. But, there is an added benefit. Now, your home becomes a business expense and you can get tax cuts and credits from running a business from your home.


You may not be religious, but an art workshop fits with the kind of business that some churches will allow. Most churches have recreation rooms that have enough space for you to teach a small group of 20 to 30 people. If you approach the church and pitch the art workshop in the right manner, many churches will find it hard to turn you down. They might ask for a small fee that you’ll be able to cover easier than a lease on a building or a storefront. They might just ask you to cut a discount for church members who participate and that’s not a bad thing at all. It’s free advertisement Sunday morning to the type of people who would actually enjoy the benefits of an art workshop.

Shopping Mall

Of course, a storefront at a shopping mall would have to come with a lease. But, you would be surprised at how inexpensive it all is. You can literally open your doors, put up a small sign and you have an art workshop because they require space. Art workshops are low overhead business ventures that don’t require much inventory. Not even art supplies if you really don’t want them. But, you can sell art supplies out of your workshop for an additional profit, especially if college students are frequenting your store

Location is actually a part of your plan you really need to consider. You have to put your business in the perfect place. You can’t just choose any location that comes along and hope to pack in the business. But, an art workshop is much easier to locate than most other franchise opportunities.