In the era in which we witnessed the world becoming a global village, new technologies changing our lives, and innovations making everyday activities a lot easier, it is no wonder the world of business is constantly evolving and improving. By using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, anyone can find a way to improve their business and professional life. There are apps which can help you get in touch with your customers faster, check your finances, and even have meetings through your phone. All these are designed to help you grow professionally, handle your business deals more easily and offer the best service to your customers.


This is a wonderful business tool if you have a lot of business-related documents. It gives you 2 GB of free storage space and allows you to synchronize all your files as soon as you edit them. It is very easy to understand and use, and in case you need a lot of storage space, you can sign up for it. All your documents can be shared with others without complications and you will never again have to email yourself.

Taking Your Business To The Next Level

This app will allow you to get in touch with your customers on short notice. People use many channels of communications, social networks, emails, phones… With this app you will get in touch with them sooner and make sure they get the information and answers they need as soon as possible. Well-informed customers who get answers to their questions quickly will be satisfied and stay in touch with you. You will be able to sort information in a clear way and even chat with your customers.

Hangouts (Android)

By using Hangouts, you will be able to get all your texts, video calls, and Gmail messages in one app. This way, you will be able to leave your office and stay in touch with your coworkers and/or boss without delay. For those who get a lot of messages, this app is very useful and will definitely help you run your business smoothly.


Freshbooks app is designed to help growing business by allowing them to cut down on paperwork and get invoice to their clients much faster than before. No matter if you have clients from abroad, with cash or credit cards, Freshbooks will allow you make professional invoices with your own logo which you will easily send to your client via email or regular mail. Not only that, but you will also be able to send automatic reminders to customers who are late with their payment.


You will be able to access your desktop while you are moving without any problem by using Splashtop app. No matter where you are, having a cup of coffee in a café, having lunch with your client, or at the airport trying to catch a flight, you will be able to access your home computer by using a mobile device.

Keep in mind that business apps are here to help you and make your life easier, but they will never be able to replace good service and management. Always strive to be the best, work hard to offer your clients and employers what they need, and never stop learning and improving, it’s the key to success.