Sikkim, which is second smallest state in India after Goa is home to tourists which seek spiritualism or just want to explore north-eastern culture with tint of nature. Sikkim is also home to some mouth-watering dishes which should be included when finalizing the tour packages.

Momos / dumplings – These are most popular food item of Sikkim and can be found at local restaurants or shacks. These steamed delicacies are filled with multiple stuffing which include vegetable, pork, cheese, goat meat or pork etc. Even high-end fine dining places serve numerous varieties of this local cuisine. These Sikkim momos have actual authentic minced meat filling rather than substitutes which are served in some other metro cities.

Taste Of Sikkim

Thupka soup or gya thuk is a vegetable soup which complements momos and is also readily available in local eating joints.

Shaphalaya – These Gujiya shaped delectable food item has crusty outer layer filled with meat stuffing. This is a must try dish of Sikkim and must be consumed hot and fresh to feel that heavenly taste in the mouth.

Pork Gyari – This is the Tibetan version of pork stew and is one of popular curry-based food item of Sikkim. An authentic Pork Gyari has Smokey flavor and is available with different variants. Make sure that to have the Gyari prepared with bamboo shoots.

Gundruk – This is a side dish which is prepared by leaves of mustard plant or some leafy vegetables. It is a good of multiple nutrients and tastes amazing when prepared with tomatoes and onions.

Taste Of Sikkim

Breads – Different breads and roti which give essence of local cuisine in Sikkim include Kodo ki roti (prepared from finger millet), Phapar ki roti (made from Buckwheat) and Sael Roti (prepared from rice).

Niguru with Churpi – this dish which is prepared by mild frying of fiddlehead ferns with cottage cheese (Churpi) is bit difficult to find in restaurants. But its irresistible taste makes it worth a quest in the land of Sikkim.

Niguru with Churpi

Alcoholic beverages – For tourists who want to enjoy alcoholic drinks prepared within Sikkim can go for Chang. Also referred as Chaang, this is one of the most popular booze with local taste and boasts cultural importance in Sikkim. There are multiple variants of chang which are prepared by fermentation of different grains including rice, millet and barley. It is normally consumed with a straw known as ‘Pipsing.’

One should also not miss another popular beverage called Raksi.

Other than these dishes, there are multiple other local items which are popular in Sikkim restaurants and eating joints.

There are plenty of restaurants serving local food in Sikkim which include:

  1. 9’INE Native Cuisine, Gangtok
  2. Doma Restaurant, Gangtok
  3. Taste of Tibet, Gangtok
  4. Snow Lion Restaurant, Gangtok
  5. Hotel Kabur Restaurant, Pelling
  6. Melange, Namchi
  7. Café Culture, Gangtok

So, do not miss any of these mouthwatering dishes from the land of Sikkim when choosing tourist package or Sikkim honeymoon package to make the trip memorable!