Times are changing and new technologies are constantly creating new opportunities for businesses of all sizes throughout the world. Of all of these technologies, Telematics – or the long distance transmission of computerized information – has carved a path into the technological world among many industries. Within these industries, telematics has granted automotive fleet businesses many opportunities to streamline their processes within their vehicles.

Telematics have opened the window of vehicle tracking to managers throughout the business world, ultimately allowing businesses to track the location, behavior and statuses of their fleet vehicles. This has granted companies the ability to increase productivity, receive discounts through their insurance agencies, and reduce fuel expenditures by a significant amount. Meaning that the return on investment (ROI) in telematics can be in the tens of thousands of dollars – Here is a calculator to calculate the potential ROI of telematics for your business’s fleet vehicles.  Below are three key duties of telematics in the fleet management world.

Providing Safety Communications

Telematics are paving the road to increased vehicle safety throughout the world. Wireless devices are able to be installed in vehicles in fixed locations, like traffic lights, to inform drivers of upcoming safety precautions in their path. Companies are also working towards incorporating telematics into vehicle control systems such as adaptive cruise control. This would create a synchronization between vehicles traveling in a convoy to alert all drivers of any concerning activity within the fleet. This type of safety monitoring is granting businesses the eligibility to receive insurance credits.

Initiate Going Green

There are many factors that qualify energy as “green”, however, among these, integrating GPS telematics systems in vehicles are driving the automotive fleet industry in going green. This is important in the business world, because there are many tax credits available to businesses who are representing the “green” movement and energy efficiency. Telematics are assisting the green movement, because they are able to design the most efficient routes and report driving behaviors to provide the most fuel efficient vehicles possible.

Theft Prevention

An added benefit of telematics is its overall ability to stop vehicle and equipment theft – a common occurrence in the fleeting world. These new technologies allow a fleet’s vehicles and equipment to be tracked in real-time the event of theft. As this technology improves it is even possible for fleet managers to receive alerts whenever a vehicle’s ignition is engaged.  These types of technologies are on the cutting edge of skyrocketing loss-prevention to all-time highs within the business world.

Overall, telematics are a fairly new technology in an increasingly growing technical world. There are many opportunities for businesses to utilize these technologies to improve efficiency within the workplace. Thank you for reading! Connect with me on Twitter to continue the conversation!