Air conditioner is otherwise known as A/C or AC which is an electronic device used to reduce the room temperature. Due to the rise in temperature most of the houses and offices are using air conditioner. It used in home, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, school, hospital, institutional places, and sports stadium and so on. It consists of components such as compressor, evaporator, capillary tube, condenser, outdoor fan and indoor fan. Compressor used to evacuate the heat caused by outside air and it made up of toxic gases such as propane, ammonia or methyl chloride. Evaporator used to produce cool air by absorbing heat produce by surrounding air. High pressure and high temperature transferred to condenser from compressor which changes the gas in to liquid. A tube used to transfer gas from compressor to evaporator is known as capillary tube. Length of capillary tube is between 1m to 2m. Indoor fan used to get air from indoor and sent it back to evaporator to turns it in to cooled air.

Three types of air conditioner are window unit, split system and portable units. Window unit type air conditioner is be installed in window be open. Split system air conditioner divided in two types such as mini split system and central split system. Inside environment and outside environment are in some distance in both the type of split system. Advantages in smaller size split system are it is smaller and used to get cooling for single room. When compared to central split system it costs low and energy efficiency. Central-split system is used for entire house and also for commercial purposes. It gives cool air in-house and commercial building when there exists over heat. Portable type air conditioner used in home or office and it can be transported where ever it is necessary.

Due to the easy transport it is used in inside and outside of home. Air conditioner used in cars also belongs to portable type. Filter is cleaned regularly to get fresh air. Regular maintenance has done to avoid repair. Needs of air conditioner is luxury for someone and it is necessary for someone. Now most of the buildings constructed with the place of air conditioner in every room. Filter removes micro organisms, soot, and other foreign bodies from air. It suits for all kinds of buildings and cost of purchase is not high. People can relax do their work without any tense if they have air conditioner in their office building.

In Richmond Hill winter is chillier and summer is hotter. To avoid hot beautiful air conditioners Richmond Hill are available in moderate cost. They do repair, maintenance and new installation as a quick process and produce quality service. If you want to install a new air conditioner just give them a call, experts with them will explain which kind of air conditioner suits for your building. Some of the air conditioner services in Richmond hill are Metro Air, Home stars, Royal Fresh Air Heating & Air Conditioning and J & S Air Conditioning.

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