Apps or applications aim to make your mobile phone, tablet, smartphone more handy and useful. There is a wide plethora of apps available for all kinds of mobile phones and operating systems. We have a huge range of apps pertaining to different fields and scopes. Most of these apps are available free of cost while some of them are paid ones. You can enjoy the free versions for some time period but you later need to switch to the premium versions for a better usage.

Let’s have a brief look at different kinds of apps for Windows phones:

Mobile apps have simplified many of our daily life processes. Be it shopping, entertainment, education and communication you will find multiple apps that would serve your purpose. Here are some types of apps that you’ll find useful:

Social Media: You generally come across a bunch of social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. All these can be used to remain connected with family, friends, and social groups.

Games: If you want to spend some fun time, download some games — Xbox, PC games and phone games. It is great fun exploring and winning the levels and reaching the higher levels of the game.

Shopping: Now your favourite brands and dresses are just a click away from you. Download the shopping apps such as Amazon, eBay, and enjoy the splendid shopping experience.

Education: Gone are the days when students relied on books and texts for their studies. With the ultra-technology, the students can opt e-learning. They can download all kinds of study material such as audios, videos, and textual materials. Several apps are designed to provide the latest technological updates and other related events.

News: All the important news headlines and top stories are available on the windows phone. You will stay tuned for the most recent news both national and international with these apps.

Entertainment: You can download the recent songs, movies and other entertainment related stuff. YouTube is the biggest platform for online video sharing. Apart, you can download music players, TV shows, and movies.

Health and Lifestyle: You can download health and lifestyle apps for Windows phones. These apps help you to manage daily chores. With the health apps, you can keep a track of proper functioning of your body. Banking, meetings, offices, and personal lifestyles can be well-maintained with these apps.

Productivity Apps:The productivity apps help us to do our work in a smarter way. Google Now, drop box, timetable scheduler, Microsoft One Drive, calendar, and to-do-list are some of them.

You can download the apps from the Windows Phone Store. Sign in your Microsoft account and then browse for the category you need. Once your search has been processed, install the app if it is free. Apart, you need to buy if it is not available for free.  Apps for Windows Phones are really beneficial in the long run. Using them is a great fun and you’ll love the regular updates and other features.