Analytical data has a big role in directing the success or failure of your call center business. It is for this reason that while investing in the call center management and calling software, you invest in the best. While there are so many solutions over there in the market, and rather the market is flooded with IT based contact center solutions, each one promising another feature to confuse the end users; the best way to determine the best for you is by comparing with something what is the benchmark of standardization in the market. And if you are looking for something like that, then you will find the Cisco certificated collaborative IT based contact center software from to be the standard for comparing things.

Call recordings

Every call center needs a good call recording, filtering and screening facility. And if your contact center software integrates this much needed feature you are sorted. You may need to monitor calls, get back to complaints, sort matters, and for all that, and to ensure quality and adherence to rules and policies etc, hearing of recorded calls is a must. And that is why total call recording facilities makes it easy for you.

Customer call analysis

If you need to analyze customer calls, you need software that integrates such analytic components into it. This makes it easy to understand what the customers are looking for.

Speech analysis and phonetic analysis are some other important components, which will tell you how you may satisfy the customers better.

Desktop analytics

A good manager will keep an eye over everything that happens within the call center. What the agents are doing before and after the call, and during the call can all be tracked through their computer usage analysis. Their desktop usage behavior, site surfing behavior, all tells about their work and effort. And this also gives clue that why some of the agents are more productive than others, while some are non productive. The best software solutions like the ones provided by comes with complete answers to these.

Cloud service

The cloud service in any IT solution is much important. A look at the cloud service that is being provided with the Cisco software system of call centers, will give you a nice idea of what to anticipate. Something so secure, affordable and smart is the necessity of every business to sustain and grow.

Customer support makes the difference

A software is always not the last thing to seal the deal. You need service with that. After sales services like the support from company engineers, optimization of services, round the clock query solving are some such features which makes the difference between the best and the rest. That is why services like lead the market, and sets the standard parameters to compare things. Hence, when you are looking for an all round Cisco software solution for the contact center, you must make sure that you compare all features with the best, and then decide.