It is often an inexpensive and convenient solution while using a mini storage unit to keep extra furniture, electronics, office equipment, collectibles, antiques, recreational equipment, seasonal items, cars and business inventory.

Cost and convenience must be balanced with appropriate security when your personal or business belongings are of considerable value. As the storage units Washington offer better security features as some storage facilities’ rates may be a bit more expensive.

While you are looking for the right kind of storage for you, the following are some tips which you need to keep in mind. According to the geographic location, facility policy and cost, the security measures vary so ensure to compare carefully.

  • Keypad entry systems:Keypad entry systems are there in most of the facilities. To enter through the main gate during hours of accessibility, you will be given a unique access code which you can punch in.
  • Unit locks: You are responsible for supplying a lock for your unit, as a renter of a self-storage unit. Unless you ask the facility staff to “hold harness: a key on file for you as you will have the only key for your individual lock. To assist you if you forget to lose your key or if you need to have something delivered to storage unit in your absence as this allows your staff to assist you.
  • Perimeter fencing:Facilities which are completely surrounded by tall, quality fencing which is in good condition, is what you need to look into.
  • Lighting: Both inside and outside of the building or the unit, the entire facility should be well lit.
  • Digital video surveillance: For a history of all individuals who have entered and exited the facility, recorded video can be matched to keypad entry system logs. VCR tapes which can be worn or of poor quality, older video surveillance systems uses this. For a better quality image, the newer system uses digital technology.
  • Number of security cameras: At the main gate, there should be at least one video surveillance camera. Video cameras, sometimes as many as 15 or more at other spots around the site is where the storage facilities have sometimes as many as 15 or more.
  • Manager on Duty: A manager which is present whenever you have access to your storage as some storage facilities in major cities are “lock-down facilities”.
  • Manager on Site: On this site, the storage property managers, owners or staff members live on. It does not necessarily mean that someone is monitoring your belongings at all times in some cases.
  • Hours of facility: When your keypad access code will work with the majority of self-storage facilities have set operating hours. You can have 24-hour access for an additional fee in some cases.

On top of room to move on, knowing that your belongings are well-stored and well-secured this can provide peace of mind. For any questions which you may have about the security and convenient access is sure that you ask your storage facility manager anything about it.