Quartz Countertops

As an exceptionally durable mineral, the rise in popularity of a quartz countertop is due to its versatility and longevity. Many colours are available to suit a variety of tastes from the bold to the more subtle, and if you select a counter that has resin as a binding agent, it will be nonporous. This means unlike granite, an annual top coat won’t be necessary to avoid stains and scratches. Cleaning wise they harbour less bacteria and can be wiped down easily, for many, window cleaners cut through any grease that you have accumulated.

For the most modern look, find a design that has finer pieces of stone which will yield a smoother colour overall. Coarser pieces result in a speckled appearance that is dated, especially if you opt for a cheaper quartz.


Still on trend in 2017 is coloured tapwear, which provide statement pieces for your bathroom, laundry and even kitchen. Industrial or vintage in aesthetic, blacks and rose golds top the list for the preferred shades in this style. For black tapwear, expect a rise in suppliers that offer a ultra matte finish, that doesn’t show up fingerprints, while the polished rose gold look instils a sense of luxury to powder rooms and laundries alike. Wall mounted faucets are also becoming more popular. On the topic of bathrooms, a rise in wood panelling and vanities is being seen in luxury display homes across Melbourne. Due to the cost of specially treated wood, expect only the best home builders in Victoria to offer the premium varieties until market demand increases and production grows.

 Green + Greenery

As health and fitness lifestyles continue to boom, the impact of clean living is also filtering into interior design. More subtly, organic prints, patterns and designs are sought after as a nod toward minimalist living, with Moroccan inspired prints being especially popular.

Green in a variety of shades is also on trend. Mint and moss green are the most fashionable in the green spectrum, especially when natural light and white and off white neutrals are combined within home décor designs. Air filtering plants are making a comeback, especially the ones that are low maintenance, aka difficult to kill! Spider plants and snake plants are regaining reputation as well as Warneckiis and Chinese Evergreens. Note: some of these are best kept out of garden beds as their hardiness can threaten other plant species, so keep these babies in pots, indoors.


Gone is the token centre piece or barren kitchen or dining table, this year is about table styling or what is now called the tablescape. Primarily as an export from America, this highly Instagram mable technique takes seasonal or themed table settings to the next level. There is particular consideration to colour palettes and the incorporation of natural or outdoor elements into a developing a dining aset up. Functionality is a major consideration, albeit a specifically curated and elegant one! Head down the Pinterest rabbit hole for some swoon worthy examples.