There are many different kinds of water heaters, but the most common types of heaters are gas or electric. Within those two categories, there are different kinds of water heaters as well. There are tankless heaters and tank water heaters. Each different type of water heater has its advantages and disadvantages. The most stark change over the past few years has been advancements in electric water heater technology. In the past, gas water heaters were much more efficient, and electric water heaters did not work very well. Now, technology has improved to the point that electric heaters are just as effective as gas heaters. In some cases, specifically in the case of tankless water heaters, the electric heaters might actually be more efficient than gas heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters

The most common type of water heater is the kind that has a tank of water that is heated up. When you turn the hot water tap, it pulls water from your hot water heater. A tankless water heater is slightly different. A tankless heater has a pipe that runs through it from the water main into your house. When you turn the hot water tap, the water passes through the tankless heater. The water is heated up as it passes through.

There are many electric water heaters online that are great for heating up water for small flats. If you don’t use much hot water, a tankless heater is a great choice, as there is no wasted energy for water that is heated up and not used. In a tank water heater, water is heated and then sits around. That heat radiates from the water and is lost.

Electric Boilers

In addition to water heaters, electric boilers have become very popular. Electric boilers are a great choice for homes that have radiators. An electric boiler is an excellent choice because it does not rely on some kind of external fuel. Unlike a gas boiler or a fuel oil boiler, an electric boiler simply needs to be connected to an electric circuit.

Electric boilers provide a consistency that you cannot get from fuel oil or natural gas. Those types of boilers have very careful conditions that have to be maintained to ensure that they are burning at the proper rate. However, an electric boiler does not have these requirements. In many ways, they are much more reliable.


The price of electricity tends to be more constant than the price of natural gas or fuel oil. If you are looking for an electric water heater or an electric boiler, you should consider the price of energy as well. With fuel oil or natural gas, the price tends to fluctuate on the commodities market. Sometimes it is lower than electricity; sometimes it is higher. If you want predictability, electricity is your best option.

Electric boilers and water heaters have changed dramatically over the past few years. They are now just as reliable as gas appliances. They provide you with reliable and dependable heat without the fluctuating prices of other types of energy. You should seriously consider electric heaters.