Back link building is a very good and highly effective way to improve and increase your search engine ratings and rankings. Every back link is viewed by search engines such as Google and Yahoo as a vote or signature for whatever the link is linking to. Votes are quite powerful especially when done properly. You should not do them by including them in the URL of the web site in which you want to back link, you need to do much more.

Writing and typing articles can be a good as well as helpful back link strategy. Articles are a good way to engage and stimulate human readers especially those who maybe looking info or data on a particular and certain topic. The interest in the topic can lead to organic web site traffic, since the readers will be looking for quick answers. All that interested readers simply need to do is click on a back link which will be linked to your article and they will find the info and content your promoting.

Articles are very good and ideal for good back linking opportunities when you look at it from a SEO point of view. Well structured back links within an article offer your back links more Google juice then what they would normally get. Knowing how to perfectly place and use back links can translate to much better search engine ratings and rankings which in turn will increase the potential traffic of your web site.

The Correct Way To Use Back Links In Articles

Anchor Text

This is a very crucial thing when it comes to learning on how to properly use back links when it comes to articles. It is text that surrounds or anchors a link. Most word processors highlight and process a link through clicking an image on a link chain. When you paste the URL with the link, it is automatically created below the anchor text. That is links can be formed around anchor text through basic HTML.

Human readers seem to understand links and this is mainly due to the fact that info around the link normally makes sense and shows them what they are looking for and all they need to do is click the link. Unlike search engines they do not and cannot read and analyze the text surrounding the link, so they tend to depend on the anchor text to help them classify and understand the link. That is why anchor text which says “click here” or Mary’s web site is not good for back links.

Good back links normally have anchor text which will help in search engine ratings and rankings. A back link should have a set of keyword strings that should make you want to rank higher. For instance when linking to a web site on hand bags, you should use anchor text like “buy hand bags online.” Basically what this does is it informs the search engine of the link’s destination and the hand bags have something common and are inter-related. This way destination will be stored with other phrases with the same result.


Where your articles back links are located is very important. In order to get the best results it is recommended that you put the back links near the top end of the article. We do this to simply inform the search engine that the info located in this area is important. This gives more and better relevance then a link which has simply been placed further along down the article. So if you are linking more then one link to your article then it is best you try to keep all of them at the top or near it. Also remember that links that are placed too close to one another end up looking like spam. You need to be able to strike a good balance if you want draw human traffic with your articles and at the same time improve on the search engine page rankings.

Limit or reduce the links you have in your article to only 2 or 3 and make sure they are evenly spread out. You will not get the best results and benefits but it will help in making the article more readable. There is no proven benefit to attaching or linking the same page many times in any article. Unless you have to back link to several pages that are similar and related, one link in your article is enough.


In order to get the best back linking results, try changing the keywords that are used in articles. For instance let’s say you desire to type 20 articles for your web site which deals in wallets. So instead of typing 20 articles the expression “buy wallets online” keyword, you can use totally different keywords for the articles. SEO users might use different keywords to search for something, hence you stand to benefit and gain more web site traffic though back linking multiple keywords. Phrases like “buy wallet pouches online,” “wallet shopping,” or “very cheap wallets” throughout the article are good. If you do this you will rank much better. The more the back links there are, the more relevant the search engine thinks the info is to the keyword. Back link building around similar and related keyword phrases will improve the overall rating and ranking of your page.

Cross-Linking should be avoided

This is a way of creating back links that are inter-link to one another. It all depends on how many different sources are involved. Cross linking is also known as 2 or 3 way linking and many different articles can be linked together using link wheels. Links that are inter-linked to one another are not very beneficial to search engine results and Google might penalize them. There is nothing wrong with writing several articles which are linked back to your web site but your web site should not back to them. To most search engines and search sites cross linking seems like you are trying to beat and cheat the rankings. So to prevent and stop this, web sites and articles may be removed or penalized altogether.

Knowing how to use back links properly can make a huge difference when it comes to SEO strategy. These guidelines should help you create strong back links and boost your web site traffic.