It is simply not good enough to put keywords anywhere in an article especially if you are looking for a high placement point in search engine rankings. Algorithms for search engines are very closely guarded but the best method to place high in search engine results is by using keywords effectively in articles.

The Effective Use Of Keywords In Article Writing

Here are a few tips that will help you use keywords properly and effectively.

First you must use the keyword in the title

You should begin your article in a very bold and strong manner; it should have good ties by bonding and using the keyword in the title. The title of your article should very catchy and the title should make the reader want to read the article immediately. For instance if your keyword is “rat traps”, all of the titles listed below will do:

  • Are Rat Traps Terrorizing You
  • The Best Rat Traps Online
  • How To Make Good Rat Traps

All these titles use the keyword phrase in a very stimulating and catchy manner which automatically sparks interest. Now all you will have to do is follow through, and write a killer article. The title is one thing but the content is also important. You do not want to disappoint your readers; this will ruin your reputation and your page ranking. People will leave your web site as quickly.

Try to use the keyword in headings as well as sub headings

This is a smart method of reinforcing your key words without straining and filling up your article with bogus keyword insertion. Effective and intelligent headings and sub headings which contain your keyword, you will really reinforce the title without making your article seem artificial or mechanical. In order to gain the most through this practice, you should used good and proper headings and heading tags within your article and also remember to include keywords in the tags. Listed below are some good examples using the “rat traps” keyword:

  • Rat Traps and Sanitation
  • Rat Traps: Identifying Good Styles
  • Building Materials for Rat Traps

Take note if you want more info on this, there are some great tutorials at These tutorials will be really helpful in heading tags, article outline and sub headings.

Natural Use of keywords in the article’s body

Write the article first paying no attention to keywords. This is the only way to get the right keyword consistency and density. Search engines have stopped highly rating the continual use and basis of repeated keyword usage. Natural and normal keyword placement as well as the presence of similar keywords tends to give better search engine ratings. This might also lead to more readers linking your article since it would have bet written so naturally and nicely.

Take note that the best links for any article tend to come from third and fourth parties who would have found it interesting and helpful. This way you will definitely have a wholelot more inbound links as well as traffic if you learn to write with your readers in mind.

Keyword use as anchor text

When linking your article to other sources like profile pages, or when you have written another article on a different site and it would be a good idea to set up the keywords as anchor text. This is a very good and smart strategy. The 2 articles will then be related and linked. For instance let’s suppose you have 2 different articles posted on two different websites, one is about purchasing rat traps; you can then link it to other article about effective rat traps as a similar resource.

Make sure you never link articles that are contradictory or have contradictory views and opinions. Stick to the link guidelines and follow them religiously.

Try to use relevant tags in appropriate places

Articles that have been written for blogs as well as content management systems which have tagging enabled makes life easier for the writer. All you need to do is highlight the keywords as tags. If you have written a stand alone article or you wrote some material which will be posted on a stand alone web page then you should use Meta tags. The Meta tags will be used to include the key words in a brief description. Be wary that not every search engine looks at Meta tags when it comes to HTML pages. A lot of them do not even consider or even weigh Meta tags that heavily when it comes to search engine ratings. Therefore it is best to stay away from this technique.

Knowing the best technique to effectively and properly use keywords is a continuous process since algorithms for search engines are forever changing, evolving and constantly being upgraded so that they give better and more accurate info to users. The more articles you write, the more conversant you will become when it comes to getting the most out as well as the best out of your keyword research and at the same time provide good quality material to the readers.