Coming to the decision that you want or need plastic surgery is rather difficult to say the least. From liposuction in London to breast enlargement in Belfast, these are the kinds of life changing decisions that nobody should approach lightly. After all, there’s really no disputing the fact that there are right and wrong reasons to opt for plastic surgery and ensuring that you are on the other side of the fence requires a pretty long and intensive period of thought and consideration, along with plenty of research.

However, actually deciding you want to undergo a cosmetic procedure represents only half of the job as once you know what it is you want and why you want it, you then need to find yourself the perfect surgeon to carry it out. Suffice to say this can be easier said than done as there are literally thousands of surgeons on the market and every last one of them will of course be doing their best to persuade you that they are the ones to choose. There’s big money involved in cosmetic surgery so it isn’t uncommon for some surgeons to use all manner of smoke and mirrors to have perspective patients believe they are the proverbial bees knees, when they are in fact anything but.

So in order to help make sure you make the right decision when it comes to selecting a plastic surgeon, here’s a quick look at the five most important hallmarks of any high quality plastic surgeon:

Pure Professionalism

First of all, you can usually trust your gut instinct when it comes to first impressions and determining whether or not the surgeon or surgery group you are looking at is one of pure professionalism. Chances are that these days you’ll gain your first impression by looking at their website which more often than not is quite revealing when it comes to professionalism. The reason being that creating killer websites of high quality and professionalism these days is in fact easier and cheaper than it has ever been.  As such, if the surgeon hasn’t invested sufficiently in their website and things come across as lazy or cheap, you can probably figure out what this says about the way they do business. Go with your guts when it comes to first impressions and a sense of professionalism.

Zero Pressure or Sense of Urgency

No plastic surgeon should ever under any circumstances put pressure on patients to make a decision or attach a sense of urgency to the procedures they carry out.  There is simply no such thing as taking too long to decide whether or not you need cosmetic surgery and even if you need dozens and dozens of consultations before even getting close to making a decision, this should be accepted and even encouraged by the surgeon. By contrast any kind of sense of urgency and pressure is a sign of a surgeon you might want to stay away from.

Full Disclosure of All Risks

Another of the most important hallmarks of a quality cosmetic surgeon is the full disclosure and open discussion of all risks attached to the procedure being discussed. Every procedure and cosmetic surgery across the board has its own unique risks that cannot and must not be ignored or overlooked. In the best interests of the patient and their well-being, a good surgeon will never shy away from the subject but will proactively bring up any and all risks to take into account.

A Long and Established History in Business

One of the most reassuring things when it comes to selecting a plastic surgeon or group of surgeons is a long and established history in business and a strong track record. This is a fiercely competitive industry and only the strongest will survive, so it is usually safe to say that if they have been doing what they do for many years or even several decades, chances are they’re doing something right. And of course, it’s also important to remember that experience breeds ability which in the case of cosmetic surgery you can never have too much of.

Strong Feedback From Clients

Last up, you should never go ahead and agree to any kind of procedure or surgery unless you have first looked into the feedback, reviews and recommendations left by past and present clients. There really isn’t a cosmetic surgeon working in the industry today that will not have earned quite a lot of feedback on one side of the fence or the other. Most will be more than keen to share this kind of feedback in order to win over new customers, though it is nonetheless a good idea to do a little independent research by carrying out a couple of web searches to see what you find.