Over the past 10 years we have read cases in which several entrepreneurs have achieved success in their projects in a short time. A good entrepreneur must be a person with capacity for creative and innovative thinking, have managerial and achievement orientation skills, and be able to tolerate moderate risk. By performing a simple reflection of the project of such entrepreneurs, you might come to mind is that this idea could happen to anyone, including ourselves. But is not it, that these entrepreneurs succeed in such successful projects there was a lot of work behind, among them two important concepts: creativity and innovation.

Creativity begins with inspiration and imagination, it is where you begin to spin in thinking to a new project through the various stages of the creative process as questioning, research, incubation, illumination, etc. As a result we have a revolutionary idea, improved in all aspects and define it as unique and useful. Creativity is an activity that has relevance in today’s busy and organizations are a clear example advertising agencies or companies such as Google and Yahoo, to name a few. For the entrepreneurial creativity should be a basic process after your business plan as it will help differentiate them from the competition, is the seed that can develop in a product or service with high value added will reap great success and market positioning .

Innovation is all the hard work required to launch a new business or project. This does not imply only get to work on the operation, but also set clear and achievable goals in order to achieve a previously agreed, and to establish the necessary strategies to enter new markets run. Thus, when the analysis of results is done, you may have feelings of success with each mission accomplished and otherwise change or define new strategies.

We must differentiate these two concepts that are always mentioned in issues associated with entrepreneurship and are widely linked. Creativity without innovation represents a better idea in the heads of many people who in the future will mourn for not having taken place. Without creativity, innovation is starting a project with a product or service that does not represent great rivalry over the competition, so the price will be that make the difference between both and the added value that they can translate into generating creative ideas.