Excel is a spreadsheet most widely used around the world, thousands of companies regardless of industry or size using this software, because of its flexibility and functionality for data analysis, for that reason, in most processes is involved this tool therefore have an advanced knowledge of this software suggests a competitive advantage over others.

You hear much talk about this tool, but in truth it is and what it does? In short: the calculation sheet leader on the world market. It is the most powerful, flexible and most widely used software in the world, there is no other program that can approach in terms of features or flexibility. Its scope of applicability of the economy is psychology, biology drawing, mathematics applied to the management of human resources, among others. That’s why so many active workers and potential employees are required to master this tool to remain in the workplace or to enter a person with full knowledge of this tool has a very large value added in your resume.

Large and small businesses use Excel in management accounting, finance, inventory, sales, production, quality, supplies from other areas of the organization, especially through its arsenal of features (Formulas, tables, graphs, etc.) however, there is great ignorance about them which has led users to not take their full potential, for that reason, it is thought that Excel is simply a spreadsheet where we can do and graphics operations, however, this statement is not true.

With proper knowledge of Excel spreadsheets not only with accounts or balances with simple operations are created, you can build applications robust enough to perform tasks of high complexity, for example, task automation through Visual Basic for applications and create dashboards using dynamic tables, dynamic charts and Power Pivot to name a few.

The variety of new software used for data analysis Microsoft Excel remains the most powerful and has a significant advantage over others if we mention that it is a program designed to manage the entire lifecycle of the data, to summarize a bit we can generate knowledge for decision-making in our company with only analyze a database through one of its functions “Tables Dynamics” integrating information and preparing it for later load and to conduct an analysis regardless of the source find different programs and file types.

The above is only a small part of what you can achieve with Microsoft Excel, because of this, it is essential for any student, employee or entrepreneur regardless of their profession, socioeconomic status or handle this tool perfectly.