Extreme sports and the middle aged don’t normally appear in the same sentence but imagine, if you’ve been sport mad all your life? If you are fit enough to continue with and too in love to stop wild activities, then you will no doubt want to remain active for as long as you can. As you reach your middle to older years, free climbing and BASE jumping may not be the best idea, however there are many other extreme sports that you may want to try. Extreme sports often have a lower age limit but most don’t have an upper one so providing you are feeling fit and healthy enough, go for it! Since age is just a number we should not be defined by, read on to get some ideas for your next adventure.

Hot Air Ballooning

The Middle Aged Daredevil

I thought we’d start off with the gentler of the extreme sports. Some aficionados might think that this is nowhere near an extreme sport, however hot air ballooning is still classified as one! I suppose the fact that you are thousands of feet in the air is a risk and therefore the reason why if you go ballooning you can say you’ve taken part in an extreme sport. This sport doesn’t require any physical input from those taking part though you need to have a head for heights and depending on which company you fly with, they may get you involved with the laying out of the balloon at the start and the deflating and packing of the balloon at the end. You will need to be well wrapped up as even if it is quite warm on the ground it will be extremely cold 5000 feet up so padded coats and gloves are advisable as are hats if you want to protect your long hair from the burner flame.


The Middle Aged Daredevil1

Skydiving is another extreme sport many older people take part in as similar to hot air ballooning, a tandem dive doesn’t require much physical input by the participant, only those not afraid of heights or those who want to face their fear of heights should attempt a dive! One man we all should take note of and admire was aged 97 when he completed a 10,000 foot sky dive only days before his 98th Birthday so what’s stopping you? The adrenaline rush, excitement and the sense of achievement will be a huge attraction to older adrenaline junkies so what are you waiting for? Use Google to search for your nearest school by typing in North London skydiving or similar to find a list of organisations that will be able to satisfy your lust for life!


The Middle Aged Daredevil2

If you like caves, exploring and feel comfortable in enclosed spaces then this is the extreme sport for you. A great way to get exercise, caving offers the excitement that a normal walk doesn’t! Warm protective clothing and a hard hat with a light are all you need to get started. There are so many to explore all over the world, this extreme sport could take you everywhere and you will also be able to combine your interest in photography and geology at the same time as exercise!

White Water Rafting

The Middle Aged Daredevil

Although an extreme sport because of the risk and speed involved, white water rafting will be done with an instructor on board, unless of course you are experienced sailor! If you enjoy water sports and love speed you will have an amazing time bouncing and crashing down a river. It’s a thrilling experience and ticks a lot of boxes for those looking to raise their blood pressure a little! It is a great group activity too that can be enjoyed by a group of friends resulting in a thrilling, unforgettable experience.