In earlier times, every time a marketer paid for an ad either at television or radio, they knew that it would live as long as the people will see it that is usually for two to three minutes. Such traditional medium of broadcasting advertisements was costly, partially ineffective, and ads lived for shorter periods of time.

The Emergence of Digital Media

The rise of digital marketing across the globe revolutionized all traditional advertising mediums for good as it has presented many profitable prospects for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Digital ads are worth pursuing as they are easy to track and target, outcomes are known, and one pays for what they actually want.

Research Studies

Conforming to a recent survey based on 200 high status marketers, digital advertising has surpassed the traditional ads in spending for one fourth of the respondents. Moreover, 31% of the marketers were of the view that spending over digital marketing would take over the traditional in the ongoing year.

The major benefits of digital advertising include cost variability where marketing campaigns can be customized as per the given budget. These ads ranging from basic animations to interactive videos, social media campaigns to mobile advertising engage more customers and allow advertisers and marketers to directly target the audience via demographic and geographic variables.

The Much Hyped War Between Digital And Traditional Marketing Trends And Techniques

Latest research states that digital ad spending is estimated to flourish and will get ahead television ads between year 2013 and 2015. TV ads are on a decline while online marketing is in trend at present times as it does not just create leads but gives rise to revenues too.

Final Word:

The real debate going all over is how do we better involve consumers so they are compelled to make a purchase? The answer of course is via digital advertising as it is interactive, comes with controllable expenses; and targets, tracks and measures consumer behavior like no other. More and more businesses no matter big or small ate now investing money to make use of digital techniques to market and advertise their products and services to millions of users online from across the globe.

Digital marketing has helped small businesses reap huge benefits and compete with big names in the industry. Traditional advertising methods were expensive and not everyone can utilize them for bringing the brand to the limelight. Digital methods are user friendly, easy to employ, more affordable, help measure the effectiveness of campaign, and provide great control to marketers and owners so that they can target the potential customer population much more easily.